Part 6: Automating Your Marketing – Analytics & Testing

Analytics and testing are important because they help you chart progress and make improvements. Analytics give you data that’s objective and accurate so that you can make key decisions about your business. When you automate your testing and analytics, you can spend your time analyzing this data and making these decisions, and not tracking down or organizing the data itself.

Quick Tip: Book an recurring appointment to review your analytics until you create a new habit.


Analytics Software

There are a number of website analytics software programs available. To use an analytics software program, you download and install, and then link to your site. It will then track your website statistics and user behavior. These programs report data such as:

  • Number of visitors
  • Visitor demographics
  • Sites that refer traffic to your site and other data on traffic sources
  • Which keywords visitors are using to find your site
  • How well your site ranks for chosen keywords
  • Bounce rate and page views


Kissmetrics and Mixpanel offers a similar services, although Mixpanels is free until you have a lot of traffic.

After installing the program and linking it to your site, you can create your own customized reports which can be sent to your email address. This saves you even more time by bringing you just the data you want.

Analytics programs go one step beyond just presenting you with statistics. The difference between analytics and statistics is that analytics programs give you not just data but trends and insights into the results. This makes analyzing the data faster and easier for you.

Split-testing is an important part of any marketing campaign. The idea is that you create two different versions of your content and then track the results. The version that gets the best results is then the one you choose to implement. Split-testing is most often used for landing pages where conversions are essential, but it can be used for absolutely anything you do, such as emails, videos, sign-up forms and ads, as well as individual components of a website (titles, headers, calls to action, etc.), and email subject lines.

There are split-testing programs that take the work out of this process for you. You create two versions of your page and drive traffic, and the program does the rest. It tracks visits and visitor behavior. Because the program makes the process
faster and easier, these programs allow you to test more factors more often, which leads to better improvements to your site.  You can even set up split testing in Google Analytics (it’s called “Experiments”)


Automated Personalization

(This is something I haven’t tried yet)

The web is constantly moving toward creating a more personalized experience for internet users. This is done largely through automated programming scripts. There are programs that analyze user demographics, behavior and whatever other data is available to present particular content to the user. These programs use indicators such as items purchased, pages viewed, links followed, geographical location and so on to show visitors only the content most relevant to them.


The Learning Curve

Many of the analytics and testing software programs are complex and it takes some time to learn how to use them. However, it’s good to take this time. As the CEO of your company, learning how your analytics program works, you can select exactly which data you’d like in your report and how to use the resulting insights, while watching your small business grow.




Part 7: Website Maintenance on Autopilot – How Automation Helps

Website Maintenance on Autopilot – How Automation Helps

Software and Plugin Updates

There is constant maintenance that needs to be done on websites to keep them safe and functional. Luckily, this maintenance mostly involves computer functions that can be automated. You install them and they do the rest. While these programs are making sure your site is running at its peak performance, you can then spend your time creating content, building relationships and managing your marketing campaigns.


Software and Plugin Updates

Software and plugin updates are essential. Whenever you download a software program or install a plugin, it will ask you if you’d like to receive updates. Always say yes. When it alerts you to an update, install it immediately. Software programs and plugins add code to your website to enhance it and this extra code develops weaknesses over time. Hackers learn to exploit the loopholes in this code and can gain access to your site. Updates keep these holes plugged.

Security scans perform a similar function. They periodically check your site for weaknesses where viruses and malware can gain access. There are software programs and plugins that scan daily, or on whatever schedule you program into it. When the program finds something suspicious, it will bring it to your attention and ask if you’d like it removed. These clever programs also clean up bits of code that are no longer being used.automate-your-biz-22

Some website scanning software programs and plugins perform the additional function of removing broken links. If your program doesn’t do this, it’s a good idea to invest in a separate program that does. A large percentage of links become broken within the first few months of a site being built. If a visitor clicks on the link, they go nowhere. These need to be constantly identified and removed.



Backing up Your Data

Backing up your website data is critical. If your site is attacked and all of its content is destroyed, you can reinstall your entire site and it will be as good as new. If you don’t back it up, all of your content will be lost forever. There are programs and services that automatically back up your data regularly. Your data may be stored either in a separate physical location such as a detachable hard drive or online in the cloud. The best programs save your data both places.automate-your-biz-24



When you’re making changes to your site or updating it, it’s important that you show visitors a page telling them it’s temporarily under construction. Otherwise, they’ll see the changes in progress or see nothing at all. There are plugins available that automatically redirect visitors to your ‘under construction’ page so that you don’t have to do it manually for every small change you make.

Investing in any type of website maintenance automation software can be costly, so it’s important to read reviews and take advantage of free trial versions. The work these programs do is important, so don’t skimp on quality. Try to choose comprehensive programs that handle as many site maintenance functions as possible.



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