Welcome to the Beta Program of “No Cost Income Streams”NCIS Home Study Course (2)

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Thanks again for helping me test out this program!

Module 1 – Product Launches

Part 1: Introduction

  1. Introduction
  2. Launch Basics
  3. Niche Research (Part A)
  4. Niche Research (Part B)

 Part 2: Creating Products

  1. Creating Products (Part A)
  2. Creating Products (Part B)
  3. Creating Products (Part C)
  4. Product Creation Ideas

Part 3:  Copywriting

  1. Copywriting (Part A)
  2. Copywriting (Part B)
  3. Copywriting (Part C)
  4. Copywriting (Part D)
  5. Ecovers
  6. Ecover Creation Demo

Part 4: Payments

  1. Payments
  2. Free Autoresponders
  3. Autoresponder Setup
  4. Autoresponder Followup

Part 5: Website

  1. Web Forms
  2. Build Squeeze Pages
  3. Download Pages
  4. Creating Download Zip Files

Part 6: Sales Pages

  1. Setup JVZoo Offer
  2. Create Sales Page
  3. Create Sales Page JVZoo
  4. Create Buy Now Button

Part 7: Final Tweaks

  1. Final Tweaks
  2. Affiliate Recruitment
  3. Traffic Methods
  4. Scaling Up

Module 2 – Freelancing


Part 1: Freelancing Basics

  1. Freelancing Basics
  2. Freelancing Websites
  3. Best Practices

Part 2: Freelancing Applying for Jobs

  1. Applying For Jobs
  2. Micro Job Sites
  3. Posting Fiverr Gigs
  4. Forums
  5. Accepting Payments

Module 3 – Video Marketing

Part 1: Video Marketing Overview

  1. Video Marketing Overview
  2. Niche Selection
  3. Getting Ideas
  4. Creating Topics

Part 2:  Video Marketing Tools

  1. Free Tools
  2. Download Open Office
  3. Royalty Free Images
  4. Presentation
  5. Screen Capture

Part 3: Tech and Promotion

  1. Uploading Videos
  2. Youtube Uploading
  3. Promoting Videos

Module 4 – List Building

Part 1: Niche Selection

  1. Niche Building
  2. Creating Free Offers

Part 2: Autoresponders

  1. Setup Your Autoresponder
  2. Free Autoresponders
  3. Autoresonder Demonstration
  4. Follow Up sequence setup


Part 3: Forms and Pages

  1. Form Setup
  2. Landing Page Setup
  3. Build Squeeze Pages
  4. Free Traffic

Module 5 – Affiliate Marketing

Part 1: Getting Started

  1. Find Quality Offers
  2. Niche Selection

Part 2: Building Your Website

  1. Build Your Free Site
  2. Build Wix Affiliate Site
  3. Build Affiliate Blog

Part 3: Generating Traffic

  1. Traffic Strategies
  2. Final Points

Coming Soon!

  1. No Cost Traffic Methods (this is another huge module that you’ll want to pick and choose from)
  2. Bonus: Photo Software Training (how to use photo editing tools like Gimp)
  3. Bonus: Screencast Training (How to use screencast tools)
  4. My own personal spin on these topics/videos

PDF Evaluation

PDF File that you can print and fill out

Excel Evaluation

This is an Excel File that you can open in Google Docs or most spreadsheet software.

Video Downloads here (only download if you can’t watch online)

The videos are available to download if you’re having trouble viewing them while you’re online. Please only download them once. The zip files are quite large. If you need help unzipping the file, please let me know.

Module 1 Product Launches

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Module 4 – List Building

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Module 2 Freelancing

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Module 5 – Affiliate Marketing

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Module 3 – Video Marketing

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