[Day 1] Brainstorm Ideas and share on social media

Are you ready for the challenge!? I hope so! This is going to be a fantastic week! I’m super excited to be here with you! I know I’ll probably end up missing some of the coolest parts of your morning tomorrow, while I’m sleeping (on the west coast of Canada) but I hope that you have a fantastic start to your day!

Today we’ll brainstorm your new product idea (if you haven’t already picked something) and get started on the first part of product creation.

Day 1 Assignments (There are only 3)

1 – Brainstorm or Share what you’re creating

Your first assignment of the challenge is to create a new topic here in the forum, telling us what you’re planning to create (or, you can tell us that you have some ideas, but haven’t yet figured it out – that’s perfect too).

(Use the category 14day-accelerated)

Troubleshooting – FAQ’s

If you’re reading this forum, but not able to respond or start a new message, double check that you’re already logged in to https://loraleehutton.com.

(I’ve changed the settings so that you can stay logged in up to one year (well, to be honest, I made that change for me, but hopefully it helps you too)

If you’re already logged in to loraleehutton.com and still see the login button on the top right corner of this page, just click the login button once, and it should pull through your login info.

If you have any trouble at all, and you use Facebook, please ask me or another member for help there. Or, reply to any email from me.

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(If things go sideways with Discourse, we’ll move things over to the FB group – but I’m crossing my fingers and toes that I’ll be able to work out the bugs this week)

2 – Post on Social Media

Let your people know what you’re working on. Ask them questions today, and post at least one picture (pinterest, instragram, snapchat, facebook?) Wherever you would normally connect with people who will ultimately benefit from the product you’re creating this week.

Let’s give them a chance to give you early feedback, and find out if they’re as excited as you, about the project you’re working on.

3 – Build a very simple interest list

You’ll want to collect the names and email addresses of people who are interested in what you’re creating. You can do this with a simple mailchimp email opt in form, mailerlite also has great landing pages (no cost), or you could use something like strinkingly or launchrock.co. If you’re using Teachable for your courses, you can follow this support document.

Whatever you choose to use, try not to spend more than 1 hour working on this part of the assignment. It doesn’t need to be perfect – just give them some info about what you’re working on, and a place where they can enter their name and email address… Simple, right?

What’s coming up?

Our schedule:

  • August 4th Day 1 (today) we’ll get product ideas sorted out & get started creating
  • August 5th Day 2 (Friday) I’ll ask you to share your new landing page / place where you’re building your interest list (with us, and your own community). And, we’ll dig into building the digital product.

(weekend off – or time for catchup, if you need it)

  • August 8th Day 3 (Monday) we’ll work on your sales page, and keep building the product.
  • August 9th Day 4 (Tuesday) we’ll find people to test the ecommerce to make sure buy buttons work, and look for any obvious problems in the course layout – and we’ll keep working on the product itself, if needed.
  • August 10th Day 5 (Wednesday) we’ll promote our new product to our online communities, provide customer support, ask for feedback, and implement changes, as needed.

Here’s a quick link to the PDF that sums up this accelerated version of the challenge. You can do these steps in any order you’d like (including following them one by one) – you don’t have to follow along with the outline above…

Get the Accelerated PDF →

You can also get this pdf and any of the other checklists, via my teachable school.

I’ve made the pages “public preview” so that you don’t need to log in, during this challenge week. But it will be closed off again after the challenge is completed (I’ll give you access, but you’ll need to log in, in the future)

Self Study 14 Day Product Challenge →

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See you soon!

~ Loralee


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August 1, 2016

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