The Different Stages of a Typical Sales Funnel

If that restaurant owner attracted you by advertising, they were attempting to get your business by starting at the top of a sales funnel. Sales funnels like the one that worked so well for your Italian restaurant owner have begun by doing one thing … attracting your attention. That is the first step in the following proven 4 step sales funnel model which has been used by salespeople and marketers for centuries, shortened to AIDA.

  • Attention – Attract the attention of your prospects
  • Interest – Once you have their attention, get them interested
  • Desire – Turn interest into desire, make them want your product or service
  • Action – If you have done a good job in the first 3 steps of this process, your prospect takes action, and buys your product or service

If you have ever been fishing, you have been employing a classic sales funnel approach to getting fish into your boat, maybe without even knowing it. You want to attract the attention of fish, get them interested in your bait, hopefully entice them with your lure and fishing tactics in such a way that you build their desire to eat. In the perfect world scenario, this desire leads to the action you are hoping for, the fish bites your hook, and you have just landed dinner.

The process works the same for landing plenty of prospects who will hopefully become customers through the sales funnel process.

A Few More Reasons Sales Funnels Are A Smart Choice to Build Your Business for a Blogger or Online Entrepreneur

If a process is difficult and expensive, it doesn’t matter how effective it is, some business owners simply can’t understand or afford to implement it. This is the beauty of the simple sales cycle.

Even a beginning blogger or web-based businessperson can set up an effective sales cycle, for little or no money, and in just a few hours.

The process is easily done, easy to understand and replicate, and you can set up multiple sales processes in a very short amount of time and for little money, or no cost at all. Then you test and refine, until you create one that builds your business while producing profits as well. There are software suites, proven sales funnel tools and Internet resources that make this time-tested business builder work for any blogger, whether on a budget or with unlimited resources.


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July 22, 2018

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