Direct Postcard Marketing

You might also want to consider the personal touch with actual, physical Holiday postcards – particularly if yours is also a local business.

Companies such as SendOutCards and Vertical Response specialize in helping you set up these types of campaigns.

In fact, you can design a custom postcard “in minutes”.

And they will print, address and mail your postcards (but do allow “8-10 days for delivery”.)


No matter how you choose to announce your coupons, discounts and Holiday Specials, it’s important to remember to cross-promote in as many online (and offline) venues as possible.

Put your Holiday Offer QR code on flyers in your store – or on odd pages of your website (to arouse curiosity and make people click). Send your emails to social networks as well as directly to subscribers. Combine your email campaign with blog landing pages, coupons and announcements.

Put thought into your Holiday offers. When it comes to pleasing your audience, you need to decide:

• Should your Coupon be mobile?

• Should your Coupon be visual (a graphic) or text?

• Should it be both?

• How long will your offer be open for? What is the time limit?

• How will you make it available?

• How – and where – will you cross-promote it?

All of these factors go into creating successful offers, and the better you know your target visitor or subscriber, the more successful you will be.

Successful Holiday promotions always starts with a great offer, continue with strong, educated cross-promotion – and their creators are always looking for that extra edge.

But, above all, no matter what venue you present your offer within, remember to ask your fans, affiliates, visitors and followers to share the news!


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August 31, 2016

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