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There are various ways to present offers on Facebook, but one of the simplest lies in just creating a Facebook Page built around your in-store Christmas Special – as Swiss Chalet, with its Festive Meal special.

There is no coupon to redeem: The special “deal” is available on the menu at a cost-effective price for every customer. The Page simply lets people know the deal exists and waves it under their noses with a very appetizing photograph.

But note that Swiss Chalet doesn’t just leave it there: It makes use of custom Apps and App Tabs to provide special offers and gift cards, further encouraging people to buy. In fact, the “Special Offers” tab opens up to an App canvas that makes it easy for people to Order Online.

You can also use Facebook to “Promote Your Page” – bringing attention even further to your offer, if you have just recently created your page.

Or you can “Promote” specific posts you (or your fans) make about your Holiday offer. (These two strategies can be implemented instantly with a simple click from your Page Admin panel.)

If your Page is eligible, you can also create an offer directly through Facebook.

• To create a Facebook App: Try Woobox.

• To promote your Facebook Page through your WordPress blog: Use the Facebook Page Promoter Lightbox plugin.

And, by the way, be aware that you can send your emails directly to your Facebook and Twitter accounts, if you are using Aweber as your Autoresponder.


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August 31, 2016

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