Finding Out What They Want

If you feel you’re too late to cash in on this particular holiday season, don’t despair: You can use the time to properly set up and organize a campaign or two for the next holiday – and perhaps even use a few quick strategies to pull some chestnuts out of this holiday’s particular fire after all – to the mutual benefit of you and your subscribers.
There are offers and strategies specific to each unique holiday – and basic strategies of holiday marketing that should provide the solid core for all holiday campaigns.

In this module, we’re going to cover the basics – and that includes holiday-izing your blog or website, and your email list.

Find this out, and you can quickly create a simple holiday offer – even if you’re almost too late for more conventional tactics.

But first, keep in mind your potential purchaser’s unique holiday challenges.

Then ask yourself the question:  “How can I help?”

If you start from this core position, your ideas will end up being client- or customer-focused – no matter what industry or niche you serve.

And that results in leads, clicks – and conversions.


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July 4, 2016

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