HTO Lesson 5: But, I can’t afford to Outsource

If I had a dollar for every time I heard, “But I can’t afford to outsource.” I’d be rich.

My reply to this question is always “Yes, you can. What you can’t afford to do is NOT outsource or to outsource ineffectively.”


Even if you start out small there are ways you can start to relieve the overload you are feeling from doing everything in your business yourself.


There is no magic amount of money or number of tasks or projects one must outsource in order to feel some relief. Even if you only outsource the writing of one article or blog post each month, you’re freeing up your own time. You have to figure out what takes up the most of your time that is not productive, pass it on to someone else and then focus on tasks that will make you money.


Some people will tell you to outsource those things you hate doing in your business. I agree with this to some extent, but not entirely and we’ll talk about that later in this course. But what I do agree with is that if you are doing something that needs to be done in order for your business to grow and it’s taking you forever to do it, when it would take someone else half the time, then yes, absolutely outsource it.

** Take Action**

1. Crunch some numbers:

Focus on a Revenue Generating task for 1 more hour per day than you are currently, where would you be in 1 months time?


($/hr)______   X  ______(days you work per month) = ____________


See you tomorrow, we’ll be covering… “Paying Your Assistants”


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October 12, 2013