HTO Lesson 7 – Finding the Right Person

After the question about being able to afford outsourcing the next most common question about outsourcing is probably “Where can I find someone who is qualified to help me?”

Here are a few places to look for help:

  •,, – These are sites where you can have freelancers bid on work that you need done.
  • Google – You can easily search for someone to help you with a specific task or you can even search the words “virtual assistant”. This however is not always the best method.
  • Recommendations – Ask mentors, partners, and others in your line of work who they recommend.
  • Word of Mouth – As you’re talking with other like-minded business owners, take note when they talk about service providers they’ve used in their own business. If someone has had a bad experience with a company, it’s almost certain you’re going to hear about it and you can make a mental note to not contact them.
  • Websites & Freelance Directories – There are several websites online that list service providers via directories or forums. Take the time to search places like, HireMyMom and to find the perfect person for the jobs that you need done.
  •, or online classifieds:  Some people find it overwhelming to post in online classifieds.  They worry about the quality of replies, or the volume. But my friends and colleagues have had great success with this approach & so have I. If it’s your style, try it


Take Action

1. Look at 3-5 of these resources (set a timer for 10 or 15 minutes)

2. Add 1-3 more items to your WishList


In the next lesson we’ll cover… “All the Cool Kids Are Doing It – So I Should, Too”


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October 12, 2013