Putting Your Visitors in the Holiday (Buying) Mood

In Module 1, we spoke about optimizing your sites to reflect the holiday season and mood. Ironically, this is usually the first thing to go when we online entrepreneurs start to stress about the holiday season.

Focusing on other seemingly more urgent activities and neglecting your regular updates on your regular haunts is a big mistake. If you want to incite people to party with you, you have to first throw the party – and invite them.

Take a page from the big guns – and we’re not just talking “guru” marketers, with unlimited budgets: Look at the official blogs for social networks and marketing companies such as Autoresponder providers, like Aweber here. At the very least, these companies produce seasonal blog posts and downloads – and get in a “double whammy” by also promoting this holiday content to subscribers by email.

Here’s another factor you have to consider: People expect Holiday content.

If you don’t provide it, there’s a subtle subliminal message that you’re not in the same league as bigger companies. You’re just another scattered work-at-homer.

Take a page from companies like Aweber: Ask people to share your holiday posts, offers and downloads. Do this even when they go to sign up for your offer.

(Make your Holiday blog posts and offers appealing enough, and your readers will be only too happy to share – tip-offs to helpful posts or great offers make them look good too.)


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August 31, 2016

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