If your audience are heavy mobile users, you may want to boost your website coupon by creating a QR code that will take your visitors to the checkout location of your choice when they scan your code with their mobiles – straight to your…

  • Landing page
  • “Make a reservation” App
  • “Bookings” page
  • New Holiday deal site
  • Checkout page

One thing is certain: Mobile users love using QR codes, which offer the illusion they are saving the user valuable time. (And sometimes they do!)

How to create your QR code coupon? There are many QR code generating sites out there, but one that works particularly well isPitney-Bowes QR code generator, because it helps you not just to create your QR coding and graphic, but also complete the entire process – and you can sign up for a free or paid account.


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August 31, 2016

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