Step One: Invest in Good Artwork

The artwork in our two Aweber samples is top-quality, professional illustration. This means it is colorful, eye-catching, appealing and creates the right atmosphere.

Aweber also steps up their artwork by making the background snowflakes slowly and softly fall. There are not many times that animation works on websites – but this slight touch of animation is just enough to make the illustration (and the offer) feel more special. The animation is in keeping with the culture of Christmas artwork.

These graphics put people in the Holiday mood. Subliminally, they scream “gifts!”

If ever there was a time to put serious thought and money into great artwork, the Holiday season would be it. And there are plenty of Holiday artwork collections out there, if you can’t yet afford to hire a professional illustrator. Just type “holiday graphics pack” into your Google search bar, and browse till you find the one that speaks to you and fits your market.

Here are four free, easy ways to make sure the artwork on your site stands up professionally – and delights your readers.

Another way to help yourself to custom Holiday artwork, very inexpensively – search for artists offering their services on Fiverr. Go to their “Graphics & Design” category, and run a search for “holiday”.

Then sit back and browse to your heart’s content amid the multitude of “gigs” offered, choosing ones ideal for your audience’s taste.

Fiverr gigs are offered for a basic $5.00 and your payment is held in escrow until you approve the results. And while there are a lot of amateur-ish gigs on Fiverr, you can also find top-quality professionals willing to give people a small sample of work for $5.00 – along with other services you can order for slightly more money, right there on the site.

Fiverr allowing other services to be offered by their higher level contractors has done three things:

  • Attracted more professionals, rather than just amateurs, by making time invested in Fiverr more worthwhile
  • Increased your chances of getting top-quality work from proven contractors
  • Made it easy for contractors and clients alike to take advantage of extra services

Just be sure to check feedback and references before hiring.

Prefer to “do it yourself” but don’t have access to heavy-duty graphics programs like Adobe Photoshop? Tried out Gimp but simply don’t have the time to learn its rich but slightly complex methodology?
Time to check out PicMonkey.
You don’t have to register or sign in to use this graphics editor: You can upload and alter photos instantly.
There is a wide range of effects available, each of which you can apply instantly with one click.
And you can create collages, and even add text to photos.

And under the “Design” tab, you can quickly create perfectly-sized, holiday-themed Facebook Cover photos:

Yes, there is a premium plan that you can choose to pay for, with even more features, but starting at $4.99 a month, this won’t even break your piggy bank.
Besides, the free version offers more than enough, when it comes to features, to help you boost your Holiday photographs to slicker heights.
Need free, public domain holiday clipart?
It couldn’t be easier than running a quick search at Openclipart.

The quality varies, but there is always a good selection to choose from – in a wide variety of styles. Find the style that suits your blog – and your readers.
Prefer rich, sumptuous photographs to illustrated clipart?
No problem. Meet Morguefile, one of the largest public domain photo repositories on the net.

Morguefile is extremely flexible about what you can and can’t do with their photographs. The biggest restriction is that you can’t use the photos in a “standalone” manner; meaning you can’t reproduce the photos and sell them as part of your own collection. They are meant to become part of and enhance content.
Also be aware that many of the photos featuring people’s faces do not have model releases. Most likely the fact they are uploaded to Morguefile means you’ll never have a problem with this – but be aware that legally, you should have a model release form signed and filled out before you ever publish any photograph featuring people’s faces.

Remember to include Holiday-themed infographics to your content – and you can even make an infographic become a sign-up incentive!
Infographics tell whole stories at a glance. They are the visual representations of:
Facts related to a single subject
There are many great infographics creator utilities out there, both free and paid – including and – but if you’re new to infographics creations, try Piktochart: One of the earliest infographics creator sites – and easiest to use.
(One nice feature: The moment you sign up and enter, you’re met with a mini-tutorial area that quickly puts you into the infographics-creation groove.)

Infographics are a great way to spice up your content – and please your readers while staying in holiday mode.

And you can spread your infographic further and generate new leads by creating (or pinning onto) Holiday-themed Pinterest boards on Pinterest.


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August 31, 2016

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