Step Two: Invest in Great Content

Your written content too should be innovative, original, fun, informative, useful, helpful and above all, tailored to your reader. By all means save time by purchasing PLR (private label rights) blog post packs. But keep in mind that your competitors will, in all possibility, be purchasing the same packs.

The way to make PLR stand out and pass Google’s rigorous content-plagiarism checks: Completely rewrite your PLR post – in fact, don’t use the whole post! Take a line or a paragraph, and build a brand new post around that (always keeping in mind what would most interest your visitor).

Use PLR as research shortcuts and idea generators, rather than as substitute ghostwriters. (You can always hire a ghostwriter too – but that can get expensive. Try Fiverr: Or look for special offers in blogging forums you frequent.)

Your best bet?

Take that research you did after reading the first model, and build your own, original blog posts based on that – in your own, unique, original voice.

(And use the free Editorial Calendar plugin on your WordPress blog, to help you easily plan and schedule your holiday campaign blog posts.)


Don’t make the mistake so many of your peers and competitors make. Invest in your content – and let it mega-boost the effectiveness and impact of your Holiday special offers, discounts and sales.


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August 31, 2016

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