Step Two: Putting Your Results to Work

    • Once you have the results of your surveys, polls, emails or posts, you can immediately begin to create your holiday product or offer with confidence.
    • It can be a free offer (used as a sign-up incentive to add people to your list), which you can wrap up as a “Christmas Gift”).
    • Or it can be a paid offer.

When should you make it a paid offer?

Ultimately, only you can decide that question. A simple answer would be: “When there is an incredibly hot demand for it – and no one else is providing what you are offering”.

It can be a paid offer piggy-backed onto your “thank you” freebie or sign up gift. Or it can be as simple as a discount coupon.

While you are working on it, you should also start implementing – straight away – one more strategy…

Adding holiday themed content to your blog:

The old sales rule used to be that people visited a store a minimum of seven times before actually buying. Springing your survey or offer on people just once will bear that rule out!

You need to start creating a buzz. If you’ve done your homework thoroughly, your blog posts (targeted to the interests of your Survey respondents) should start that particular snowball rolling – your fans will create the buzz for you.

But you need to give them something to talk about!

That’s where your targeted blog posts come in.

Say you have taken note that people want Holiday-themed blog posts to use on their own blogs. You could write posts on:

a)How to produce blog content at Christmas


  • b)Any holiday or niche-related topic – with a call to “Share” and a call to action to download or purchase their Holiday Blog Post PLR Pack add in a resource box at the end of your post.

Your research allowed you to be focused – on the right topics and your subscriber’s actual, expressed needs… even while you are creating your actual Holiday offer!


You don’t need an arsenal of Holiday-themed products. You don’t need to spend months in creation and planning.

You just need a little focused research aimed to provide the answer to one question in relation to products you can easily and simply provide.

  • Write blog posts relevant to the responses
  • Prepare a simple offer (free or paid)
  • Email your list with your offer

In the next module, we’ll take a look at planning your Holiday campaign and brainstorming several ideas for simple, easy products and offers.

(After all – you need to save Holiday time too!)


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August 31, 2016

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