Overview of Courses

Your courses (& sneak peak of upcoming courses)

We have a bit of housekeeping to do here (on my part) – the courses all need to be purchased here (on this site) but they’re delivered on my teachable.com site.

You can view all available course here, or on teachable. But come back here to use your coupon codes.

Course Name Course Description

How to Outsource

9 lesson course available in PDF or weekly lessons
Available for Biz Training Club & higher

Your First Webinar

Video training, checklists and casestudy
Available to Quickstart and higher

Rebrand as ME

PDF or ecourse designed to help you find the perfect fit business plan for you
Available to Quickstart and higher

PR for Ordinary People

20 minutes of video training (short), examples and action plan to take advantage of free PR opportunities
Available to QuickStart and higher

Get Started Now! Upgrade Later

PDF download, with checklists & resource guide
Available to Quickstart and higher

Coming Soon!

 Creating your Affiliate Program, Simple Sales Funnels,

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