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by | Oct 4, 2013 | Blog Challenge, Business | 3 comments

By now you probably know that I love researching new products, tools and resources. And that I adore sharing what I find with you. Today’s tool/resource is one that’s so packed full of goodness that I needed to make a video to show you what’s inside.

Earlier this week I was asked :

I have almost 500 likes on Facebook, but when I ask a question people rarely answer. How can I get more engagement.

I’m really not an expert in Facebook engagement (my own FB page is clear evidence of that) but I love, love to go out and find answers to problems. And I think I found one. It’s super affordable.  It’s a combo of training & the “stuff you need” to make it happen pretty fast. Oh, and it’s not free, but pretty close.

Take a look inside with me?

  • 17 Short Training Videos – Watch over our shoulders as we show you the best free and paid tools available today.
  • Almost 300 Graphics – You can use as is or customize to include your business information and URL.
  • TONS of valuable bonuses – Including a report about where to find the best (free and cheapest) stock photos to use to make your graphics.

Sticky Social Media

Literally every day I’ve logged in this week they’ve added another bonus training. It’s pretty amazing.  (and yes, I’m an affiliate of Melissa and Nicole – because their products are great)

Sticky Social Media

When you first purchase the product you’re taken to a members area where you can download files & access the video training.

Sticky Social Media

With any digital purchase you make please don’t forget to:

  • Add this to a folder on your computer where you’ll find it easily again.
  • Add it to your Inventory (Include Link to blog post) because this is something you’ll want to refer to again and again – but might be easily lost because it didn’t cost a fortune (low cost and free programs are funny like that – don’t you think?)
  • Keep a notepad handy to jot down notes of how you will use this product – or use Evernote
  • And keep notes of how you might be able to outsource some of this to an assistant while you work on other high income generating tasks (like keeping in touch with your customers and email contact list)
Facebook Graphics (about $25) and if your primary social media is FB (like me) it’s worth checking out. I’ve just played with the demo & love it.

Watch the video above now & let me know in the comments below:

How to you make your social media traffic “sticky”?  What is your number one best tip / trick that you’re willing to share?


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  1. Linda

    This will be coming up next year for me. I love their stuff too!

  2. Okto

    Hi Nicole,
    Honestly I’ve never tried sticky social media post before. Create an engaging presence on facebook (particularly in field of business) is rather challenging (if not difficult). This is merely happen because many people do the same. Thanks for sharing this post, it looks great to achieve our goal in social media.

  3. Avery Wilmer

    This looks like such a cool product. I love Melissa and Nicole’s products. They’re always so helpful!