Day-1 Turning Off The Computer

by | Aug 29, 2011 | lifestyle entrepreneur, the move 2011


empty desk

Well, this really is it! And do you want to know the strangest thing?

It really it me when I turned the speakers off “for the last time” on my office computer.  It was strange… I guess there’s always a light buzzing noise coming from them, and click of the speakers, and the little green light going out just hit me like a ton of bricks.  This is real!

I had been grabbing 15 – 30 minutes here and there over the past week or so, to make sure everything on my PC was backed up, stored and ready to go.  I have programs on that computer I’ve never installed on my laptop & I think that’s fine.  But some little nagging voice in me keeps saying, “you’ve forgotten something”, so I’d go back and look again. Tonight, I had to look at it, feel the ‘normal keyboard’ in my hands for the last time in a long time, and shut it all down. Pack up the monitor & speakers – everything.

I’m sure it seems silly to mourn a PC. It must be representative of other things.  Today was truly a monumental day.

I helped a friend with her virtual event (15 minutes after I tumbled out of bed, until 15 minutes before picking up the moving truck – no ME time in the middle), and just a constant stream of “busy-ness” afterward.

But somewhere in there, I took the time to acknowledge that I’d been featured in a blog over at “Do What You Love” (see the blog post by clicking on the link).   How cool is that?  Something I contributed to over a month ago, showed up and did some extra work for me today, while I was taking care of my personal life.  Got to love it when you’ve put things in motion & it takes on a life of it’s own.

Just before writing this, it became obvious that desk (the one my computer was sitting on, and making me feel weepy) just doesn’t belong in a storage unit.  So I’ve posted it on and I’m crossing my fingers someone will want to come and pick it up before the sun sets tomorrow.  Here’s the picture (not the best photography – late night)

What’s on deck tomorrow?

  • Fully stock the “kitchen bag” (the items we’ll use during our camping trip this week)
  • Donate any perishable food items to one of the students in our building
  • Move any remaining boxes to the moving truck
  • Drop off donations at local charity shop
  • If possible, attend monthly conference call for a group I’m a member of
  • Drop off  U-haul truck
  • Cleaning, cleaning & more cleaning

If you’re on twitter, send me a message! I just loved getting messages today while buzzing about life.  Or leave a comment below!

Until tomorrow!  Day Zero ~ WOW!



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