Day 10: Homestretch

by | Sep 22, 2013 | 14 Day Product Challenge | 2 comments

Day 10 recording for you here:

photo credit: tomkellyphoto via photopin cc

photo credit: tomkellyphoto via photopin cc

Do you need help with anything today? Are you moving forward or hitting any bumps in the road?

We’re in the home stretch now. It might feel like a mad rush too.

Remember back to a time when you were preparing a big family dinner & everyone is scheduled to show up in 1 hour? All of a sudden some of the things that seemed super important this morning are no longer important at all.

You find yourself able to make some really fast decisions about what to do with those last 50 minutes (including getting dressed and making sure your undies aren’t scattered on the floor).

It all comes together even though in the back of your mind you worry just a little bit about the things you didn’t get around to… Until dessert has been served & you notice everyone laughing and having a good time. You did the important things & you pulled it off.

You’ve probably heard Seth Godin talking about “shipping” and the lizard brain.  And about how it’s better to send out a good product than never sending out a perfect product.

If you haven’t heard him talk about it, check out this video

Seth Godin: Quieting the Lizard Brain from 99U on Vimeo.


We’re getting close to that last hour now. Find a few things to toss out & keep the gems. And know it will all come together. You’re awesome!

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  1. Jennifer Bingham

    Thanks Loralee, the attached Seth’s talk reminded me that shipping and finishing are of utmost importance. I have been thrashing about I think and procrastination. Its my normal game of delay as if I am trying to let myself off the hook in life. I know I am not off the hook to give to the world what I am meant to in service. I try to run away, zig-zag as if being late or maybe because of my gymnastics the imaginary me will say ah you don’t have to do it. My life and livelihood depend on “shipping”. And now I see others lives depend on my finishing as well. It brings a whole new level of responsibility to the table one I pray to fulfill. I think one I have been on and off avoiding for ages. Thank you so much for gifting yourself and the opportunity for this 14 day product challenge.

    • Loralee

      Our minds sure play convincing jokes on us, don’t they? I hear you! I often hear myself say, “You don’t really have to do this” too. I can’t wait to see what you create with this challenge Jennifer. Looking forward to it.