Day – 13

by | Aug 19, 2011 | lifestyle entrepreneur, the move 2011

Holy Smokes! Today had NOTHING to do with packing and everything to do with getting my life moving forward!

Today was Alex Baisleys second “Lifestyle Revolution” virtual workshop day. And I had the privelage of being in the background supporting him.   It was absolutely fantastic! For one thing, he’s amazing to work with, but secondly, I just simply love being able to ‘geek out’ in this kind of way.  To anticipate what might be needed (and I’m sure I missed a few things, but I think everything went smoothly) and react & fill in any gaps.  Just absolutely loved it!

And the coolest people on the planet showed up today for this workshop! Wow! Seeing them do their work was absolutely amazing!

So I’m all jazzed up, and still haven’t packed a thing.  Or listed the stuff on the moving sale website.

I guess there’s always tomorrow!

I do have brand new website copy for my main website & 2 potential new clients.  All in a good days work.

This is one step closer to living the life in a ‘location independent lifestyle’.  Earning income from my laptop, wherever I am.  With the absolute coolest people.

Thanks to LR HQII  ~ great day

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