Day 14: You Did it!

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Congrats!!! You Did It!!      ——  photo credit: marfis75 via photopin cc

WoW! Congrats!

You are amazing! Regardless of where you “feel” you’re at today, take a look back to where you were just 14 days ago.

Pretty amazing, right?

Some of you have made it all the way through. Others have had big life events happen. Illness, surgery & other big things. And yet you’ve stayed in touch, made progress & moved forward.

I am so inspired by you!

We’ll do this challenge again.  If you want to pick up where you left off, that’s great. Or, if you want to finish over the next coming weeks, that’s great too! Remember you have resources available to you at all times (as “insiders” of the 14 Day Product Challenge), and they are being updated as people ask questions & we have new answers.

What’s coming up next?

Tomorrow we have one more big day, for those of you who are participating in the big sale.  Watch for the big announcement. And if you have a few minutes to help us with promotion, that would be great. You’ll receive 2-3 more emails if you’re already part of the insiders list, and then nothing until just before the next challenge starts. If you haven’t, you might want to sign up to my email list (below), and get occasional updates & access to the freebies I share with subscribers.


  • Today is the last day to submit your “deal” to the sale.
  • Keep asking for help when you need it.
  • And remember that your ideal customer needs your help.

It’s natural to second guess the value & quality of your work, but your job now is to put on the final coat of polish, and get ready to send this out into the world. It’s time to promote / market / share your gifts. You can do this! Big love to you! xo Loralee

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  1. Loralee Hutton

    There should be a link in the email to a facebook group with all the info. You’d love it there. But in the menatime I’m going to forward all of the emails to you in a few minutes (one at a time). Hopefully it doesn’t blow up your email inbox 🙂

    • Sheila

      Let ‘er rip, Loralee! I’m poised to “take it all in” and pivot into action. If you don’t sense my Joy! and Enthusiasm! … I’m not doing a good job “spressing” myself. Eager to read the emails to see what else I need to know and do. Am heading over to the private Facebook page.

      Thank you for accommodating me with these extra steps … you’re a Jewel and I appreciate it. Hope it’s not too taxing.



    Loralee … Because this is a new venture for me, I don’t have any testimonials. Do I simply ignore this fact and complete the Sales Page – without testimonials? Thanks! Also, I still have a few tweaks to make on my website before publishing it. (I’m holding everything in “Draft” mode until I complete everything.) But I’m still aiming to CROSS the finish line TODAY. Oh yeah, where’s the Dashboard … I’d like to update my info. Shalom!

    • Loralee Hutton

      Shelia, are you getting the daily emails? If not, click through to and you’ll receive a link to access the Facebook page. And can you let me know which dashboard you’re looking for? Congrats on getting so far in a short amount of time! You are amazing.

      • Sheila

        Loralee … The error is mine! I think in my excitement over learning about the 14 Day Product Challenge, I failed to officially sign up … went to the Facebook page and “jumped in.” I call it a “backdoor” entry. Sorry! I’ve been going to your website every day (since my late arrival) to get the info you shared each “Day” of the Challenge.

        Just recently it dawned on me that I’d made a major error … so I went back and signed the Registration form for the Challenge. This morning, I received a “Welcome” email from you.

        Did your daily “Challenge” emails have more info than what you posted on your website for each “Day” of the Challenge? If so, is it possible to tap into that info? Otherwise, I’ll wait for the email you’ll send out re the “Big Sale.”

        I don’t have info on how or where to submit my ebook to participate in the sale … or if anything additional is required. Does my website have to be complete before I submit? I’ll have that done “good enough” by the end of my day.

        Sorry about my confusion. I blame it on my lack of technical savvy and rushing about when I should have been cruising. I appreciate your patience and the info I still need to cross the finish line.

        (I think the Dashboard reference is probably a figment of my imagination!)

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