moving sale This week is all about packing & moving.  Yet I feel like I’ve gotten no-where.

I’ve been taking pictures of everything that I want to get rid of. There seems to be an endless supply.  And this time round, instead of listing things only on kijiji and craigslist, I’m creating a simply wordpress blog & lifting up pictures. But there are just SO many.  Over 300 so far.

I’m asking for help tomorrow, and really going to try to make a serious head start with it.  And then start to move things from one area of the apartment, into the sale/give away area.  I need some clear “thinking space”


Plus, I think it will be helpful to then see exactly what we’ll be able to take with us in the car & what will need to go into storage.

Each day in this countdown brings me new reminders of things I’ll be leaving behind. Yes, we’ll have them at fully furnished places, but they won’t be our own.  Things like the big drawer full of kitchen knifes, and the large stainless steal spice jars. Small things really, but they’ll take up space.

And today I was wondering if we could fit my color laser printer in the car.  Yes, that’s probably not a good use of space, and where would I plug it in?

So, two weeks left.  14 days.  That’s where it’s at.  Tomorrow is another big day!

P.S. I started a freelance course today & found out that a new friend published an ebook for Travel Writers.  It’s been an awesome day.  I’ll talk more about the course later, but you might want to check out her book here:

Hot List of Travel Editors
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