Today I’ve made an attempt to shift away from “work” and focus more on preparing for the trip.

It hasn’t worked!!  🙂

So tonight I’m preparing a list of things I can ask my VA to help with, and I’m hoping to start tomorrow morning off without logging onto the computer at all.  It’s been at least 2 weeks since my last “no electronics day”.  It will be a challenge, for sure!

Somewhere along the line I’ve been thinking about renaming this website, so it’s not longer sitting at  And I’ve been thinking about fun names, and this one keeps popping into my mind.

Hammock Campers

This evening I took a quick look at godaddy to see if the name I’ve been thinking about is available.  But I’m honestly concerned people will make assumptions that we’re homeless.  That instead of simply enjoying  a different way of camping, that it’s the only place we lay our weary heads at night.  That somehow it may take the fun out it.
Yet, I know it’s unique, and sharing stories about this camping style might encourage others to try it – or something else that’s super unique.

Do you have an opinion?  Would you make a change like this, or leave things as they stand?


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