Great work yesterday. Thank you so much for showing up fully & helping each other with questions that came up. I truly appreciate you.

If you haven’t yet joined the Facebook group, check your email inbox for a link & request to join. Great support happening there as well!

I know it’s really tempting to jump right into the technical pieces of your offering.

Figuring out how to upload things to your website, saving as PDF or sorting out the autoresponder series.

Or figuring out how this ties in to your opt in freebie (It doesn’t have to at all, by the way).

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Use this 14 day challenge to focus on this one thing.

If you don’t already have a freebie, it might fall out from a portion of this offer. You may hear from other people that you should have the freebie created first (before creating this product). It’s true, it is important, but in your first few days here, I’d like you to focus on the creation of a product for sale.

Write long hand, or open a blank document and write. Or record your thoughts. Or scribble all over a white board. Or pull out a blank canvas and paint.

Do whatever you can to not actually get into the tech bits just yet.

We’ll have time to work on it later. For now, work in a format that’s familiar to you & avoid learning a new technology.

This is the big idea phase.

Instead of constraining your ideas, keep thinking outside of the box. There’s so many more options than ebooks, emails and mp3’s.

Maybe that means literally getting outside and spending time with friends and family & doing some kind of activity that you absolutely love. Or better yet, something that puts you outside your comfort zone. Instead of giving you a list of 101 ways to create a program today I’m going to wait another day (or two) & really encourage you to capture your thoughts & ideas in another format.

I wish I could show you some pictures of what my digital products look like in the first few days. You’d probably laugh out loud. It looks nothing at all like the end product you see.

It usually starts with a mad flurry of writing on my white board at 2 a.m. Then I turn to a massive stack of scrap paper with several different pen colors. Lots of long hand writing, with scribbles up the sidelines & weird looking drawings.

It’s a complete brain dump, combined with a long love letter to the person I want to communicate with.

Always the long love letter. Because these usually arrive for me when I’ve worked with a client I adore who is going through some kind of challenge. I can see a solution, but I wasn’t able to express it in our short time together.

Usually very little of it ends up in the product you see. But it’s what needs to come out of me first, to get to the parts that I ultimately want to share. And it almost always arrives after a long shower, or when I’ve been out doing something that has nothing at all to do with work.

So, if you can today, please go do something.  Spend time in garden, spend time with friends or family, or go do something that thrills you! That gives your heart a boost of adrenaline. And let yourself create in whatever way you create.

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