Day-2 Plan B

by | Aug 28, 2011 | British Columbia, lifestyle entrepreneur, the move 2011

Hottest day of the summer and the A/C quit!

Moving Days

…and the dishwasher.  All on the same day!?  How weird.  I wish I didn’t have to call in repair people right in the middle of the move, but it has to be done.  It’s 33 C here today (92F I think) and sticky.

(Sorry I made you “look at the mess!” 🙂


When I called to confirm the hours of the U-haul location they told me I could only have the vehicle until 9:00 a.m. tomorrow.  All of my plans went up in smoke. The storage location doesn’t have hours posted on the internet, so we don’t know what time they’re open in the morning. But even if they were open at 8:00 a.m. it would mean arriving there, signing paperwork, unloading the vehicle and returning it again to the U-haul location (across town) in under 60 minutes.  NOT going to happen.


And then I found out they’d booked me into a 26 foot truck.  What for?   Too funny!

So, there’s a change in plans (and I can’t help but wonder if they’ll work out).  I pick up the rental from a different location late tomorrow (but the right sized vehicle) and return it the following day.  It leaves less time on Tuesday for the final clean & drop off to charity shops, but it will have to do.

I call this “Plan B”… it’s also a bit like being in limbo


Look at all those boxes!

Even though it’s been stressful today, I’m really grateful for this change.  Just can hardly wait for the moving part to be over with.


Yesterday I found the most interesting treasure trove of boxes at Walmart.  Why did I think they resold their cardboard & didn’t let you take them home?  I kept checking with each staff person to make sure it was okay to walk out of the store with this whole cart FULL of huge boxes.  Lucky day!


What’s in store tomorrow?

  • A full 7 hours project work
  • Mastermind call
  • Pick up vehicle
  • Sign documents at storage location
  • Move boxes & heavy stuff (in blistering heat – or maybe thunderstorms)
  • Sleep

Do you have any fun / funny or hairy moving stories?

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