Tonight it really feels like this is happening.

Boxes are waiting by the front door & most of the furniture is taken apart.  Bags and boxes are ready to go to charity.  And I have a migraine, big surprise.

Tomorrow we pick up the moving truck and take what’s left to the storage unit.

U-Haul Truck








I would show you pictures, but I’m a little embarrassed of everything at this stage.

Earlier today I sat amongst my clothes on the floor of the closet.  I simply couldn’t decide which items I wanted to keep, which items were worth storing, and what to give away.  It shouldn’t be such a hard choice.  Last night I noticed that I’m literally making a decision every few seconds now.  Decisions that impact life well into the future.  Not little things like, “Do I want to have cereal or pancakes for breakfast”, but decisions all tied to where we’ll be in 3 or 6 months time.  Do I need to bring winter clothes?  Do I have to keep these documents or paper?  Will I even care about them in 6 months time? (obviously tax documents are different, but …) Even going through toiletries is a chore.  Some things simply won’t store, and I don’t have friends/family here in Kamloops to give them too.  I don’t like the idea of tossing out large quantities of shampoos, soaps and cleaning supplies.  But I’m fairly certain I can’t pass them along to Salvation Army.  I wish I’d found out if a local shelter could accept items like this, but there’s no time now.

Oh, I was so distracted with packing this this morning, that I burned scrambled eggs this morning.  Brilliant!  That is something I took a picture of! 🙂  (thanks for suggesting it Kathleen – maybe I’ll share another day).

I’m tumbling into bed now, exhausted but ready to get started in the morning again.

~ Loralee

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