Day-4 Writing Lists

by | Aug 26, 2011 | lifestyle entrepreneur, the move 2011

Too many things to cross off the list!

I’m a list maker, by nature and nurture, but this month I’m completely a mess. This little book (the image on the left) is in my “sale bin” because there just simply is so much, I have to write everything on a huge paper taped to the walls.

The launch of a new program (that I love) while juggling this move got to me today.  I had a good old fashioned cry in the shower before heading out for my afternoon appointments.  There’s just so much I’d love to complete, and things I won’t get done, people I won’t have time to see ~ Again.

This happened in December of this past year as well.  Moving seems to affect time in an unusual way.  In any normal given day I feel like I have “flex time” , in fact I pride myself for staying in this state of mind.  Appreciate the kind of work I do & how it allows me to take long breaks, hang out with friends, go for coffee & then simply work later in the evening.

But right now it’s all up against the wall!  There’s no time left for flex.

Or is this simply a state of mind too?  I’m not sure I know the answer.

And I probably won’t get the answer until well after this move is complete.  I’m off to bed again for a few hours, then up with the little birds to the first full day of packing (for me) with only 2 small appointments/obligations.

How do you deal with “crunch time”?  Are you a procrastinator?  Do you end up with heaps and heaps of extra work on your plate like me?

Leave me a comment – I’d love to know I’m not alone.

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