Day 6: Make Work Projects

by | Sep 18, 2013 | 14 Day Product Challenge | 2 comments

Is anyone else feeling a bit of resistance?

Possibly creating a “Make Work Project” and all of a sudden cleaning out cupboards or fixing things that have been broken forever and seem really urgent to fix today?

It’s pretty normal around this stage of a project to feel like maybe something else is a little bit more important than this. (Or a lot more important)

Do whatever you can today to keep focused. Ask yourself, “Is doing this going to help me finish the 14 Day Product Challenge?” If it isn’t, see if you can add it to your calendar for a week from now (a real appointment with yourself, that you WILL keep).

Most things can wait a week or more. And more than anything…

I want you to finish this & feel the sense of accomplishment that’s brought you this far

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I know sometimes underneath the craving to start something new is a bit of fear.

Possibly worry that what your creating isn’t good enough.

And I wonder if you can ask this part of you that is fearful to do you a great big favor.

Ask her if she could give you a tiny break this week. Even just for a few days.

“She” can come back “home” after you finish a bit of work.

I don’t buy into the “think positive thoughts” mindset anymore (not in the strict sense that we can force ourselves to think only positive thoughts)… but I do know that I can ask for a bit of reprieve, and I’ll get it.  Just a short vacation from the negative self talk… and usually it gives me the breathing room I need to finish a project & get it into the hands of the people who can most benefit from it.

I’ve also talked a little bit about PLR in todays audio.

And here are the links to the places I recommend:

If you need anything today, please let me know. Either here or in a private chat. This can be a bit of a bumpy patch & I want you to know you’re not alone. Lots of love to you!

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  1. Sheila

    Loralee … I just missed the workshops. Are there Replays available?


    • <a href=''><span style="text-transform:capitalize">Loralee Hutton</span></a>

      not really,no. But it sounds like you’ve done an awesome job on your own, right? These were literally “work-shops” where people worked and I was there to support them with tech or brainstorming. We’ll do them again in the next challenge.

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