I posed this question in facebook yesterday.

If you only had 20 minutes online tomorrow (and every day this week – I’m wifi challenged at the moment), what would you do first? I head to FB first, but maybe that’s the wrong place to start… hmm


And I’ve been reminded repeatedly to unplug, to rest, to rejeuvenate.

That a move (any move) takes a lot out of the body & I may simply be ready to crash for a few days.  But since I’ve been trying to create the “perfect work/life balance”, I’ve been stressing way too much.  Driving around looking for the perfect sunset, that also has great wifi service.  It’s just not happening in this mountain range, and I need to accept it.

So, today I spent the afternoon at the beach.

And tonight (after writing this ) I’ll go back to the campground and pick berries.  Lots and lots of blackberries.

And when I wake up in the morning I’m putting on my bathing suit & walking to the beach… and writing in my journal, until my skin turns a bit red 🙂
See you soon!


Harrison Hot Springs, courtesy of BC Travel at

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