Do you ever have days where you don’t come up for air?

I mean, the ones where you’re so busy, you seriously don’t remember to take a break, and you don’t notice how much your body hurts until you fall into bed at night?  The last 2 days have been like that for me.  And I’ve got a funny feeling there’s going to be more where that came from.   I’m not too concerned though. I’ve done this before in life.  I like to give 150%, or more, and then take nice long breaks.  Mellow times when life just runs at a slower pace.

I do have to be careful to not push myself too far.  Don’t we all?

Sometimes I gently trick myself into doing something that’s not work.  And tonight I had added into my calendar and Outdoor Cinema viewing.  As the sun was setting tonight, there were a thousand reasons for not going.  But one motion led to the next.  And would you know it, I found myself sitting under the stars, watching Pirates of the Caribbean 4 at Riverside Park in Kamloops, BC

It was delightful. There were parents and children everywhere.  Whole families having a night out on a beautiful summer night after a blistering hot day.  Fresh popcorn and big vats of iced tea for sale.

Yes, delightful is the word I was thinking of.  I’m so glad I decided to shut off the computer and spend some time in the fresh air.

It was time to come up for fresh air tonight!  I needed it.

Fresh Air Cinemas promotional video

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