Day 9: Remember who

by | Sep 20, 2013 | 14 Day Product Challenge

Remember what we talked about on Day 1? Your customer has a problem that you’re working on helping him/her with.  And if you’re able to solve a problem  in 15 minutes that they’ve been struggling with for weeks, months or years, they will love you.

Are you creating something that will solve this problem in the easiest, most efficient way you know how?

I know it’s tempting to add more, create extra filler, or even completely second guess yourself at this stage.  By the way, I’m not suggesting you should pivot your direction today, but instead hoping you won’t create extra work for yourself.

It’s natural to wonder if maybe your product isn’t “enough” or start to believe the little voices in our heads that question whether anyone will ever purchase it.

Need a break from content creation?

Today may be a great day to take a break from it and start looking at creating your digital images.  Here are a few tools I use to create images for my products. Take these ideas & make something even more beautiful?

Ebook / Ecover Creators

Edit images

(when you don’t have adobe photoshop)

This is how I create ecovers (about 9 minutes long)


And a set of graphics you might be interested in (under $10)

My affiliate link is right here:



  • Remember who you’re creating the product for today. Your ideal customer needs your help.
  • We have workshops on Sunday & Monday – have you blocked off time in your calendar?
  • Begin creating images for your product


Do you have any cool resources you’ve found that you’d like to share with the other challengers?

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