Day of Catching Up!

by | Oct 16, 2009 | Business, Tools

Today was “Catch Up Day!”, and although I didn’t do enough to promote it, and attendance was very low, I’m really glad I went ahead with it!

Three great accomplishments today:

  1. I published version 1.1 of my very first e-book
  2. I put together a really great bonus page on in a simple Word Press blog (like this one) ~ in my humble opinion, anyway
  3. I built a survey so that I can provide the best service possible in the future. (it’s only 4 questions)

One of the bonus items for the today was my “Free & Low Cost Online Business Growth” E-Book.  This deadline pushed me to finish an e-book I’d started this summer, and then left it in review mode for far too long.

Today version 1.1 is ready for release.  It’s a collection of places that I’m using to build a website, blog, teleseminar, or project online.  And the best part is, they’re very cost effective.  Many are completely free.

LowCostOnlineFree & Low Cost Online Business Growth

$9.99 USD

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