Day Zero – Steel Toed Boots

by | Aug 30, 2011 | lifestyle entrepreneur, the move 2011

I lost a toe nail today.  While unloading the truck a huge bag with wheels fell off the top shelf in the truck, and landed on the top of my big toe.

Should have worn steel toed boots today.

Time to crack out the blue nail polish and paint them all blue, so it will match.

After saying some curse words, I found some packing tape & taped that swollen toe down so at the very least I can have protection on it for the next few months while the new one grows back in.

Funny thing?  When I was looking at my feet later this evening I found that I have bruises on the other foot too.  I had already forgotten about the one I had bruised last night.

So, now he’s saying “we need to do more of this, we weren’t conditioned for it”  Good grief.  Who wants to be conditioned for 2 days of moving non stop.  I’m not suggesting that a full time athlete would be physically fatigued, they might be just fine. Of course, walking 4 flights of stairs repeatedly is enough to wear down even the best of the best – I’d think.  But for me it’s significantly more. I’m looking at ever single item I own and asking myself, “Do I need/want this in the next 6 months?  Do I need/want this ever?  If I want this item, where am I going to put it in my tiny little car?”

As it stands there is hardly any room in the car. I’ve packed up my office box, have one suitcase of clothes, my laptop and toiletries.  There’s food & camping gear.

Strangely it’s been my clothing that’s causing me the most grief.  I think it’s because I feel the autumn air settling in, and this is typically a time when I start to shift clothing choices – but I can’t really take clothes for each season.  And I truly believe there will be a significant amount of “summer” left.  In fact, that’s what I’ve decided to settle with.  I’m bringing things with me that suit an extended summer, with one sweater thrown in & a pair of jeans. We’ll be driving through this way again in the next month or so & I can swap things out.

This is part of the packing dilemma too.  I have to remember where everything was stored in the storage unit.  When I come back, there’s no way I want to unload/unpack the whole thing to find a winter sweater. I’d probably just buy something new.  And if that’s the case, why didn’t I simply donate everything to charity?

Speaking of donating… 3 separate loads of items were dropped off today at different locations and food was shared with other tenants in the building.  Tomorrow morning any remaining fridge/freezer items will go to a student we’ve met this week who’s attending TRU.

Mid evening people stopped in and picked up the sofa, loveseat, 2 desks and chairs.  Had a lovely conversation with a girl named Hailey (hope she’s popping in to read my blog from time time!  I’m waiting to hear travel stories from her soon! Cool girl, full of passion creating her dream career right now.)

And now I’m off to pick up laundry from the luandramat & then curl up on an air mattress to sleep for the night.

I can hardly wait until tomorrow night – sleeping in a hammock, bright blue throbbing toe getting a good night rest.  (I’ll spare you the pictures!  Although the packing tape still wrapped around it might give you a little chuckle.)

So tomorrow is the first day of “freedom”.  1 day later than we’d hoped for, but exactly the end of the month.

And exactly 9 months to the day when we first stepped foot into this space.

I’ll add pictures another night – it’s bedtime.

Until tomorrow~ Loralee

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