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As promised, here’s the follow up post sharing the marketing I did last month when I didn’t have a 5 figure product launch 🙂 I mentioned some these in my last post but I’ll mention it again. I didn’t do much marketing at all. And, maybe that’s why I didn’t earn as much as I could have. But, again, I’m pleased with the results, and the low stress.

Here’s what I did do, to create a new digital product, that I can resell anytime in the foreseeable future.


Test idea with a super small audience

A few weeks back I ran a quick idea past my mastermind group. Sometimes my ideas are “dudds”, so when they said they thought it was great, I made the next step (before putting any work into the actual product idea)


Created a rough outline

From there, I posted a question in my Facebook group (about 120 members) I received some initial feedback… which was great.

There was interest, but also some people who didn’t think they would want the whole bundle I was selling, and would want to wait until I broke it down into smaller chunks. Great, valuable feedback.


Invited people to be an affiliate of the new product I was creating

Then, I got to work. Well, truthfully, I dabbled. I wasted a LOT of time. But, I did send out an email to my main list mentioning that I was working on a new project, and that I was looking for affiliates to help me promote it.

This gave me an opportunity to talk a little about what I was creating, without asking anyone to make a purchase. I try to use this approach whenever I can.


Shared screenshots on Instagram

It wasn’t much – I thought I would do more. But I took a quick screenshot of my “work plan” beside a preview of the first draft of the sales page. You can see if here, if you’d like.


Created insider coupon codes

I created a special coupon code for PBC members that would give them a discount until the end of the month. Then, created another one for my email community, valid until the end of the sale. Both for the same amount, discounting the bundle to $39.95, from $47.00

Affiliates were also able to share the coupon code with their audience.


Spent $20.73 on Facebook ads

I dabbled with Facebook ads (total of $20.73) specifically focused to people who are already on my email list. This may have been my first time actually using a Facebook ad the way they’re intended to be used (by sending messages to targeted people). In the past I’ve only boosted posts. At first I attempted to use the new Facebook Ads tool inside of Mailchimp. But the processing time kept saying it would be ready in 1 hour, and 12 hours later I decided to export that unique email segment, and uploaded it to Facebook. I’ll admit I was a bit scared to do it – thinking I’d create some kind of a mess. And worrying there was too much text on the image, and it would be rejected. But, the ad was approved and things turned out alright.

facebook ad not five figure

Not outstanding, but like I mentioned earlier, I can attribute one specific sale to the retargeting, and that makes me happy. Oh, and the buyer didn’t use her coupon code, so if I attributed the total FB ads cost to that 1 sale, I was still up by about $26.00 Not bad for a first time. I didn’t have my pixel installed correctly, so it didn’t track “conversions” to show you any great reports, but here’s 1 of the 2 ads that ran


Sent a "Last Chance" email

I actually sent out that really awkward email with the subject line “Only 2 hours left” – you know the one?

The one that’s terrifying to write, because you think you’re bugging people.

Without sending that ‘last chance email’ I would have missed out on 70% of sales

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While creating my portable biz on an incredibly lean budget (less than $30/mo) wasn't easy, it's the foundation piece I love to share with other solopreneurs. Creating your own passive & leveraged income doesn't need to be hard, or expensive.

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Remember the "Fake Profiles" I created in the last blog post?

Here's mine - it's real... even if it's not terribly impressive

I didn’t have a 5 figure launch, and this is what I’d like to share with you….

Loralee Hutton

My real biz

I tapped into my social network ($0)

I used things I already owned (or had created previously)

I used a free chat software (Olark)

I spent $21 on Facebook Ads

I pulled the product together in approx 10 hours


The product is ready to resell, on autopilot

Meet our fictional character Maggie Smart, from the last post

(Maggie is a fictional character, inspired by real life behind the scenes stories)

I paid my launch manager $6K

My VA took on a bigger role (including social media & graphics) $10K

The new members site cost $5,000

I spent 1k on Facebook ads

I've been working on this non-stop for 3 months


I'll be busy for the next 3 months delivering content

Yesterday my 5 figure launch closed it’s door. I’m so proud.

Maggie Smart

6FigureLaunch.com (fake name)

“My profit, after paying advertising costs, my product launch manager, web designer, and money set aside for taxes, was $11,200 “

  • The math: $11,200 ÷ 6 months (3 before, 3 after) = $1867/month.
  • She will probably need to take on other work during the delivery of her current program.

The bottom line (for me) is that I would much rather put together a quick launch (less than a month upfront) with much less risk and possibly a smaller front end reward, but much higher profit margin. Obviously, not all product launches work out the way I described above. There are many (especially the ones that are in their 2nd, 3rd or 4th year) see large profits. And, it would be so nice to see those people sharing their wisdom about profitable launches, instead of seeing total sales.

So, I'm still celebrating my small launch

Next week I’ll release the Technology I used to put things together

The series:

About the author

Loralee Hutton

Loralee Hutton

While creating my portable biz on an incredibly lean budget (less than $30/mo) wasn’t easy, it’s the foundation piece I love to share with other solopreneurs. Creating your own passive & leveraged income doesn’t need to be hard, or expensive.


  1. Becca Korphage

    Love this and thanks for sharing! Congrats on your small, but mighty success! 🙂

  2. vorphalack

    If you’re a blogger like me, you may have thousands of readers who like you- but your money comes from the much smaller number of people who love you enough to buy your stuff. There’s not much reward for being mildly liked- it’s better to be loved by some and hated by some than liked by everyone, so swing for the fences.

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