Done For You Template Bundle

Speed things up in your Biz

This is maybe bigger than “huge”, and possibly overwhelming. As you’re skimming through the list, make a note of which ones you’ll use, instead of worrying about using them all.  (Now Available in single packs – jump down)

Graphics, Quotes and Tweets

  • 20 Royalty Free Images
  • 20 Ready to go Social Graphics
  • “Success Habits” Graphics
  • 700+ quotes (ready to import into hootsuite etc)
  • Blog Post Templates (png and psd files for social media)
  • 40 Questions to keep your community engaged

Hiring and Outsourcing Templates

  • Writer Assignment Template
  • Guest Blog submission template
  • Graphic Design Assignment Template
  • VA Assignment Template
  • Web Design Assignment Template

Sales Page Funnel

  • Sales page template
  • thank you page template
  • upsell page template
  • Sales Funnel Swipes:
    • call to action swipe file
    • closing swipe file
    • headline swipe file
    • power words swipe file
    • transitions swipe file

Service and Coaching Biz Templates

  • Internal document for new client
  • Document template send to client
  • Action Plan Template (ideal for coaches)
  • Customer Tracking Sheet
  • Form TimeSheet
  • Coaching Agreement and Intro Docs
  • Project Calendar – any year

Book Publishing Templates

  • Kindle Fiction Template
  • Kindle Non Fiction Template
  • Formatting Guides for templates above
  • Fiction Book Outline
  • Non Fiction Book Outline
  • Book Information Page Templates
  • Author Bio Templates
  • Ebook cover templates
  • CreateSpace Basic Template

Press Release Templates

  • Basic Press Release Template
  • Contest Giveaway Press Release Template
  • Free Information Press Release Template
  • Fundraiser Press Release Template
  • New Product Announcement Press Release
  • New website Press Release
  • Media Kit Template

Customer Service Templates

  • Canned responses for email or helpdesk
  • Annual Survey (google survey form)

Webinar and Events Templates

  • Affiliate recruitment
  • follow up series
  • promo email series
  • sign up page
  • slideshow template
  • thank you page template
  • sample thank you page
  • webinar outline
  • guest handout template

Joint Venture Templates

  • JV sign up page template and example
  • JV recruitment emails and examples
  • JV contest graphics
  • JV Recruitment graphics
  • JV Tools page template and example

Affiliate Marketing Templates

  • Bonus offer page template and example
  • bonus offer video script, and example
  • email series template and example
  • product comparison template and example
  • product review template and example
  • Product seller Contact letter templates
  • Thank You Letter Sample
  • Thank You Letter Template

Freebie Opt in Report Templates

  • free report template
  • opt in template
  • opt in video script
  • thank you email template
  • thank you page template

Product Creation Templates

  • 5 customizable ebook templates
  • coaching program templates
  • Ready to use female mascots
  • eCover graphics
  • Powerpoint (6 templates)
  • 9 email sequence for a quick launch

Business Planning & Admin

  • Quarterly Goals Template
  • 12 Month project calendar
  • Mastermind Attendance Tracker
  • Standard Operating Procedures Template
  • Company information template
  • Vendor Template (services I buy)
  • Client Template (people who pay me)

Blogging and Website Templates

  • Guest blog post submission template
  • Niche website outline template
  • Newsletter Promo Calendar
    • 100 ideas
    •  Calendar Bi Weekly
    • Calendar Monthly
    • Calendar Special Events

They're all in a Google Drive folder, ready to go

or, you can download them to your computer, as Word or Excel docs

This huge bundle comes with .... templates, forms & graphics (and counting)

Ready to Buy?

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I resell these to my clients or customers?

No, I’m afraid these are for use in your own business only. You can give them to your Virtual Assistant though. But giving them to clients to use in their business is not part of this license.

What is your refund policy?

If this package isn’t right for you, let me know within 14 days and I’ll immediately send you a refund.

What file formats are the templates?

Most of the files are in .doc format, and also available in google drive format. There are also excel files, powerpoint and google slides.

Can I give these to my VA?

Yes, absolutely. But, if your VA would like to use them to help his/her other clients, she would need to buy her own copy.

I'm a VA, can I use these to help my clients?

Yes, you sure can. You can modify them to include your own logo, or your client information, if that’s a better solution. But, you can’t give the blank templates to them. And, these aren’t for resale (you can’t sell them)

I'm a member of the Portable Biz Club, is this included in my membership?

These aren’t part of the free portable biz club membership, and your monthly coupons are for courses/training. But, you will receive a special offer for the bundle (check your email inbox)

If you’ve been a monthly VIP member for more than 6 months, or an annual VIP member, you’ll receive a coupon code for the full amount of the bundle.

An annual membership of the Portable Biz Club is currently $99.00 – if you’d like access to all of the other benefits, this might be a good time to consider upgrading… no pressure though…

I don't need this huge bundle, can I buy just one section?

Absolutely. I’ve included quick links to add the individual ones to your shopping cart, just a bit farther down on this page.

You can jump there right now, if you’d like. Jump to “single packs”

Folder Structure of Template bundle

Each of the categories you see on this page, has a matching folder in Google Drive. Open the folder, and most folders have 6-10 files in each (with the exception of a few that have extra subfolders)

For example, the webinar folder contains 9 templates, and one folder with just the emails in a TXT format

Easy to quickly jump in and get the files you need, when you need them.

OKay, that's a lot of stuff! But, what does it look like?

Great question! Glad you asked... Click on the slider below to see some screenshots from the bundle.

Scroll left or right, to see what’s inside the bundle.

I’m thrilled to offer you this bundle of templates I’ve been collecting over the past 16 years as an entrepreneur.

Loralee Hutton

Her Portable Biz

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