My dream is to travel while earning income, while connecting people to resources/other people.

Sounds simple, and sometimes completely impossible to me.

I’m not one of those people who has a dream, yet doesn’t step forward into it.  You’ve seen me stumbling and falling while trying to get this dream to come to life. I’ve created a “flexible” business with a flexible schedule, so that I could travel and still provide service to my clients.  And then fallen into working too many hours, and sitting at a desk job.  Strange, and incongruent.
Then I shifted to a much slimmer business model, and not enough income to sustain the travel dreams I have.  There is a happy medium, of that I’m sure.

So I continue to search…

I’ve been reading daily postcards from International Living for a month now, and look forward to each of them.  I’ve also stumbled across someone in my new home town, who is traveling & living the life of her dreams, and mine too.  Her name is Teresa the Traveler and you can find her on youtube and on twitter at @TeresaTraveler

and I continue to dream,


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