OverwhelmAs the survey results are coming in I couldn't help but notice that many of you are feeling overwhelmed. I totally get it & feel that way many times myself. Entrepreneur overwhelm is a pretty normal thing.  Today I wanted to share a tool with you that helps me feel much less overwhelmed.

I believe there are two big reasons we feel overwhelmed.  One, we're not sure what to do next. And two, it starts to feel too big, or impossible.  Especially when we're building a business without a roadmap.

A roadmap  is really just something that reminds us of where we're headed, right? It's not restrictive, and certainly doesn't keep us in a little box. Although sometimes I think people fear a business plan feels restrictive and boxy.

And, taking action, is the key to getting closer to our destination. But action, without focus?!

But,  I digress.

Todays' post isn't about business plans or action plans. It's about pulling pieces of your plan (or roadmap) and visiting them each day in a very short ritual.

Listen to the audio I recorded for the Biz Training Club earlier today.

(Click the grey play button to listen to this 6 minute audio)

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I invite you to grab a copy of mine, here:

2013-11-14 13.26.56

My Daily Journal- Microsoft Word 

Feel free to use it, even before you've taken the time to create your roadmap.

I suspect that if you look at this every single day, you'll eventually start filling in the blanks and building your plan - your way.


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