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Below are questions asked by participants during the May Challenge. I'd love to have these questions & answers added to the Q&A section here at AskLoralee.com

Q: Can anyone tell me why when I save my word document as a pdf, it saves the pages in the reverse order?!?!

A: Seriously…. not sure why that would happen. But can you check to see the page settings? There are options when you’re saving as pdf (or printing to pdf) that may create this. For example, some printers are set to print the last page first (so that page 1 ends up at the top of the pile, when the feeder is at the bottom of the printer, not the top)… maybe the “Print to” part of this is telling it to print the last page first?

Q: Do you have any info on how to add a coupon to a paypal button?Something that doesn’t require me to write code!

A:not with just the standard paypal options. Is there a chance you’re gearing up to sell more than one thng on your website? It might be time to consider adding a shopping cart.BarefootArtist Rhonda Lee is using easydigitaldownloads.com and it’s really easy to set up & you can create coupon codes. It opens up a whole new world for selling things online when you have a shopping cart…

Q: I created a buy now button on paypal and when I try to go in to change it, it doesn’t show my “my saved buttons”. How do I find the buy now button I just created?

A: “my saved buttons” is hidden… it’s really hard to find. Especially for the Canadian version of paypal. When you’re creating a new button you’ll see a tiny link underneath the first field that clicks through to “my saved buttons”. In the USA version it’s a short link on the right side of the ‘merchant services’ page. You can see it in action, in this blog post https://www.loraleehutton.com/help-i-cant-find-my-saved-buttons-in-paypal/2012/07/15/

Q: When you sell something on paypal, do you get an email notification? One of my products needs to be mailed out.

A: Yes, paypal will send you a notification email to the same email address you have registered with paypal

Q: Okay, I may have asked this before. I will look. But..I am working on getting my product up for sale, and I want to work out the hosting and how to get it automatically to folks who buy it. Suggestions?

A: the first video on this page might answer this question for you. https://www.loraleehutton.com/14-day-videos/

Q: how/where do I host the files so that people who buy can be redirected after paying to get them?

A: you could do what I did. I put them into a box.com folder & shared it – dropbox would do the same thing. Probably easiest for MP3 files. You could also upload them to soundcloud like Phyllis Wilson did and embed the code onto your page. The PDF should be small enough to upload to your site. I would also put a screenshot of the book on the page & link through to the download. Soundcloud is free for up to 2 hours of music/audio. You can make it private, meaning that nobody on Soundcloud (which is a social community itself) can listen. This is what I did – I had 6 mp3′s, totally about 40 minutes of audio. I then took the embed code for each file and put them all onto a page on my membership website. I had people create their own logins to access the page – so my whole buying process had an extra step involved. BUT, many people just password protect a page on their regular websites, then include the password in an automated email that goes out when they buy. Usually, your email service can link to PayPal, so that when someone buys, they receive an email that you create which includes that password. Finally – what I did with the PDFs was like Loralee said – upload to my website, then link using a screenshot image on the private/password protected page. As an extra layer of security, though, I named the PDF a random, 9-10 digit number. This way, it can’t be located and linked to directly using its name. (Long post, I know! Let me know if you have any questions.)


Q: How much of a discount would you give on a product that is in introductory product to an upcoming certification course, yet strong enough to stand alone and also recognized for continuing education credits?

A: I wouldn’t go more than 20% if it’s a long term discount. if it’s for a quick promotion to encourage sales (24-72 hours for example) I might consider something more.


Q: if I went into my site and just picked another WordPress theme, would it give me the front page I am looking for? I see other sites and I love the way it lays out, the font, etc. Right now I feel like mine just looks like a blog. Thoughts? Do I need to start from scratch?

A: but yes if you wanted to test other themes you can and still switch back to your own.

do a backup first okay?

Q: Has anyone added one of those fun, colorful boxes where you can add your text like “buy now” or “only $37″ or “limited time offer”…… If so, where did you get them from? Thanks!

you can make your own (even in Word) and screen capture it.  Just make something that looks pretty to you & link it to your paypal URL

Q: Hi, can anyone help me figure out how to convert an audacity audio file to mp3?

A: you have to download another program. I think it’s called LAME for Windows. It converts the audacity file to mp3.  go to File -> Export and choose file type as mp3. Then save your file to your computer. It will be an mp3.


Q: how do you get your comment to stay at the top of the feed?

It’s a pinned post.. there can only be one pinned at a time though…. so it can get a little tricky

Q: I have a secret group like this on FB and when I copy the link from the url and send it to people, the page doesn’t come up for them. It should come up if I just copy the url shouldn’t it?

no…if its secret they can only see it if they’re inside. you’ll need to manually add them

Q: I want to start a 30 day challenge for my Facebook followers. Do I do this thru events or is there a better way? As I get ready to launch other products I want people to get to know me better and how I can help them thru this challenge.

A: I think it would be easiest to invite them to a private FB group. Keep talking about it on your FB page, and include links to the group to bring people in. An event is a great way to send out the invitation but it gets awkward to manage over a longer period of time.

It’s also great to put together some rules of engagement & point to it at the top (a pinned post works) as way of welcoming & providing some orientation as they arrive.

Q: Okay, friends, question for you! Since this is my first digital product, I hadn’t thought this through entirely: when people who are NOT already on my mailing list (for my weekly-ish newsletter) buy my product, I shouldn’t add them to my mailing list, right? I don’t actually say on my sales page that I will add them to my newsletter list, so I shouldn’t. An idea I had – I could email a follow up in a week or so – “how are you enjoying this program?” – and then let them know that they can join my list if they’d like.

A: I don’t automatically add to my email list, but ask them to sign up on the thank you page. I do schedule at least 1 or 2 follow up emails to the paypal buyers (product updates, for example) and inside invite them to sign up for other free offers…

I’m fairly certain there’s a rule to back up why I’m doing it that way, but it’s absolutely worth investigating a little more.

Q: I have a simple little money generator that I want to offer to people on Facebook in an effort to get some funds to support my dream business. Does anyone know if you can/how to put a link in facebook to a paypal page. Is it possible to do a buy it now box in Facebook?

A: I use the fb app. ShopTab on my page. It costs $10 per month and you simply enter your paypal email address on your signup page and then you can add products and the buy now button is there. What I do is write a status update / post and then include the direct link to that product listing on my shoptab page with the paypal link.

Q: Ok, so I have finished my word part of my product. Right now it is in word form, what do I need to do with it? What type of file should I make it and how do I do that? I am grateful for any help:)

A: Open the word document and then click print and then choose PDF at the bottom left and it will have an option to SAVE AS PDF!!!!!!

Q: My product is almost done, but I am wondering if I should release it all at once or over a 3 week period. It is a 21 day nutrition plan broken down into 3 weeks. I will be putting it thru paypal (I guess) so they would receive it in their email once they purchase it……I think. So should they get the whole shebang all at once or can I send it to them weekly. I would like to send it weekly so they just stay on task. I will also be sending them ra ra ra videos. If I understand it correctly, I can send it all out in auto responders thru paypal?!?!?

A: I think it would be best sent in 3 lots. Then you’ll avoid overwhelming them and as you say it will keep them on task.  Yes if you have an email manager with autoresponder features built in.   Icontact has autoresponders.


Q: Help please! I’m trying to create a fillable pdf using PDF Escape. I want to have boxes for paragraphs / multiple lines of text. When I draw the text box, it’s the right size, but then when I save it and click on the space to type, it only allows for one line. How can I create fillable paragraph space? Also, how do I show an outline of space so people know where to type? Thank you!!!!  I started in MS Word for Mac, then made the PDF. The spacing is all there, I just can’t get PDF Escape to let me create paragraph boxes.

Right click on the box, go to Object Properties and click Multi-line.

Q: Ok, so I have finished my word part of my product. Right now it is in word form, what do I need to do with it? What type of file should I make it and how do I do that? I am grateful for any help:)

A: Open the word document and then click print and then choose PDF at the bottom left and it will have an option to SAVE AS PDF!!!!!!

Q: My product is almost done, but I am wondering if I should release it all at once or over a 3 week period. It is a 21 day nutrition plan broken down into 3 weeks. I will be putting it thru paypal (I guess) so they would receive it in their email once they purchase it……I think. So should they get the whole shebang all at once or can I send it to them weekly. I would like to send it weekly so they just stay on task. I will also be sending them ra ra ra videos. If I understand it correctly, I can send it all out in auto responders thru paypal?!?!?

I think it would be best sent in 3 lots. Then you’ll avoid overwhelming them and as you say it will keep them on task.  Yes if you have an email manager with autoresponder features built in.   Icontact has autoresponders.


Q: Help please! I’m trying to create a fillable pdf using PDF Escape. I want to have boxes for paragraphs / multiple lines of text. When I draw the text box, it’s the right size, but then when I save it and click on the space to type, it only allows for one line. How can I create fillable paragraph space? Also, how do I show an outline of space so people know where to type? Thank you!!!!  I started in MS Word for Mac, then made the PDF. The spacing is all there, I just can’t get PDF Escape to let me create paragraph boxes.

Right click on the box, go to Object Properties and click Multi-line.


Q: Is anyone else in here creating a digital course as their product? I am creating my very first introductory online course, and I am ready to upload my content onto my WordPress site. I have Premise (for landing pages/membership features), but I am finding it might take me a little more time to learn that platform, I want to take my time learning the ins-and-outs of it. For now, would Ruzuku be the way to go to offer a mini online course? I have considered Zenbilling, and LOVE that everything is integrated into one, but I might have to wait on that, until I get more cashflow to cover the monthly membership fee. And I am not sure if WishList is necessary, now that Premise has membership features.

A: I think you could swoop in with the basics in Premise as fast as it would take you to learn either of those platforms, quite honestly. If you have it already, take a little time out and learn the basics. Even if you just have lesson one up before you start selling, you’re golden.

Ruzuko has an offering, where you pay a certain percentage depending on how many people sign up for your course. It looks like a nice and neat platform, but I’m wondering would it show ‘ruzuko.com/desiree’s course’? Because I’m not sure I like that part of it. I would love to just use Premise and keep everything on my WordPress dashboard!

Premise integrates w/PayPal, Authorize.net, Stripe…but I had to download a zip file for those.

Premise will take your payments for you.

Q: quick question hope you can help me with: I am reworking my bio/about content. As a reader do you connect more with the First person or third person narrative? i.e.: “Lidys Garcia is a visual artist, etc etc…” OR “Im Lidys. I am a visual artist, etc etc…” when you go to any of our websites and other people’s websites, what style do you connect more with? thank you for your feedback!

A: It’s good to have 3rd person prepared for guest posting & JV opportunities, but I believe your website connects better with a reader in 1st person.

Q: what about for my ebook and products?

A: Bio for website – 1st person. Ebook – it completely is what you are trying to convey. ForLoralee‘s information it is perfectly fine. She is giving out hard core information and facts. She doesn’t need to have that emotional connection. For research related topics 3rd person is great and probably preferred. For coaching type things then first person is much better as you are trying to establish an emotional connection with your audience.

Q: Is anybody here?? lol, I have a question: When writing, and touching on some emotional issues, should I directly speak to my customer or should I use words like “we’ve, we’re, us”, as to make her feel like she’s not alone in the circumstances? I’m going back and forth and need to use one direction or the other..

A: When I change it to “you, you’re, you’ve” it kinda sounds harsh and accusatory.


I was advised by a copywriter to always speak directly to your customer. And I suppose if you’re taking Marie’s advice, you would write as though you’re talking to one good friend in order to tap in to your true voice. Hope that helps!

I use both. I use I when I am sharing a story about my experience and I pull the person into the story and it moves into identifying the emotions tied to the experience and how “we” might be feeling going through it. I find for myself when I use I too much you are talking at the person and drawing them into the conversation.

I’m thinking I can use both, it depends on the circumstance of the sentence.. So when it sounds harsh I will use we as in “We’ve been receiving negative messages all of our lives”.. So she doesn’t feel like she’s the only one but in a sentence like: “We are individuals who should be free to express ourselves, to be unique in every way” I think I will change “we” to “you” and speak directly to her. I think its more powerful that way, thanks ladies for helping me work this out it’s been bothering me a lot!

I think when it sounds harsh or accusatory to me, I don’t use a ‘person’ reference at all. So for instance, instead of saying “sometimes we x, y, z” I’ll say “sometimes, it’s easier to..” or “sometimes it’s instinctual to.” I’ve found with me this takes out an emotionally defensive reaction and helps the client/myself to hear what’s actually being said.

Q: Hi everybody, this isn’t exactly a challenge question, but I’m wondering if someone can tell me what plugin to use for my opt in on WP?

A: I don’t use the mailchimp WP plugin – it’s wonky for me.. but I use magic action box too (the free version) and sometimes I just copy and paste the code onto my site from mailchmp

Q: Looking for graphic ideas for my audio series..

A: Maybe try some key words in google images.

Q: I just checked out wordle.. anyone know how to download it to a picture file?

A: the easiest way is to snip/capture the image.

Q: does anyone know how to create a editable pdf document? do you need adobe to have this set up or is there a free service?

A: PDF escape is the bomb

Q: I’m also not clear on the steps to take regarding Aweber. I think I need to set up a thank you email that includes the link to the download. I am not creating a second page, just having them purchase, then sending them to the download link. Thanks.

A: estore will deliver the product for you. Just create a new product, include your aweber list options, upload the pdf file, customize the thank you message and save it. And then make a note of the estore plugin number & enter the short code onto the page. You’ll find the button code on the page or post you’re editing… I know… it’s not the most logical place to look. It’s a drop down menu on the page.


Q: how did you make the poll for your workshop for this group?

A:  when you posted this comment a minute ago there was an option that says “ask a question”… click that and you’ll see the options I used

Q: Ever read through what you’re creating and think to yourself: “”this is garbage”? Or “I need to toss this and start over”? How do you push through that?

A:  I would switch to creating ecover or go back to your post it notes on the wall & move around or take a dance break

That noise in your head is part of you trying to keep you safe… it’s normal. Moving to something else will fix it… Don’t try to push through the content part in this moment.

And as for that little negative nelly dancing around in my head, I acknowledge her out loud and have a mantra that goes something like this. “Nelly, I know you are trying to protect me here, but I am okay, I got this one, so how about taking a squat there under that big oak tree and enjoy the day blowing bubbles!” It sounds corny I know but it works for me. I giggle a little, and send her away!

Q: What is the best program to talk and record your computer screen?

A: The most recommended ones seem to be Camtasia (Windows) or Screenflow (Mac). They’re both paid products but I think you can find some free ones online too, with certain restrictions. Check Loralee’s resources doc for more options.

Q: I know you’ve got this somewhere. I saved it and now I can’t find it. It’s a program where you can upload the cover of your project onto images of phone/ipads…. I should have renamed it now that I can’t find it.


Q: When you are selling your products online, what do you use to get them to pay and send them their product all in one shot? Is is a program? I have no idea:)

A: Paypal.  and then I just add whatever the product is in the thank you page and/or auto responder? That seems too easy!

the videos on this page are mostly broken, but the first one works and walks you through that sequence

Q: Okay so I made a video for practice -. Had the wrong angle so I’m out of the screen for the last 1/4 but on a positive note, the lighting is okay and so is the volume. Even learned how to add some music to the video and do some basic editing. Yeah, I think I need a second person there to help me with counting too. Still have no idea how to package all this stuff up to sell it… Where do you store the video clips? How do you automate the sales? Oh, so much to learn!

A: The first thing is where to store them. The easiest way is uTube & make them ‘unlisted’ -not private or public. That way only people you give the access to can see them. I use paypal for the sales.

Q: Have made good progress today, all pages set up, lots of content added & have fixed lots of snags. Just wondering how I have my main page set up in wordpress- at the moment I have it showing up on the main menu bar as a password protected page. Do I take it off the menu? Just wondering how it works, do they just get the link for the page in an email after purchase? Thanks!

A: I would remove it from the nav bar, unless that menu option brings them to a sales page where they can buy.  Yes, the email should include links to the page. Or if you’re using paypal, redirect them to a thank you page that includes their password.

Q:I want to bang some videos out in the next couple of days – technically, it’s still WEDS here;-). My Q is, since I am developing something that teaches people how to be creative, I’m having a hard time figuring out how to make it a ‘set and forget’ product, where I am not required to be there to interact or give feedback. I’m feeling like I’m going against the grain – I LOOOOVE interacting w/my students/clients. How do I approach this part of it?

A: Is it possible for you to create self study for this part of the project & include it as a bonus when you’re selling your student work? I’m not suggesting you shouldn’t work 1:1.. or in groups….far from it. But this is to create multiple streams (and options). This could step in when you’re on a 2 week vacation & help people, when you’re off doing something fun!

I’ll use my webinar and quickstart website as an example.

I could put together a package for potential customers who want to create workshops, but have no online presence.

I could offer them 4 30 minute coaching sessions & the 2 digital products. It would get them online with a new website & they could create their first webinar & the coaching piece could help them with idea generating, support when they’re scared, and helping them process feedback from their new customers.

Part DIY and part coaching – which would make it more affordable than having me do it all for them. And… I’d be free to help more people, because I wouldn’t be repeating the same lesson over and over.

Q: Does anyone know how to use Optimize Press?

A: You can find tutorials for the basics.  Optimize Press is pretty complicated and probably best to be outsourced for sure.

Q: It’s turning out that my tips are pretty simple. Actually, I could probably break it down into a single blog post. I’m going to add a bit more to work with, but I’m struggling with the voice in my head saying, “You’re going to ask people to PAY for this?!?” Ugh the self doubt. I think entrepreneurship is just a fancied up word for bipolar….Totally, well, almost totally kidding.

A: It takes a little while to adjust to believing that your products and services are worth money. But, they are.  Developing an entrepreneur mindset is a process Juliana. I don’t know how long you’ve been at it, but you’ll find what works for you. Keeping it simple is a good idea as long as it has valuable content that is meaningful and useable by the client.

Q: I’m about health/wellness for you, your dog. So made bookmarks with dog on them to go to 17 vet staff who loved her. Help: Saved document in pages as doc, then as pdf. Can’t see how/where to change into jpg and then put into Iphotos. Can you please surprise me in the morning about how to do this on MAC. Thanks. Oh Lion too. Maybe a product for vets or other health ideas for all.

A: can I ask why you would change it to jpg? Is that because you want it to be read in iphotos instead of another format? I’m not familiar with it. But I’m pretty sure if you google pdf to jpg you’ll find some resources. But just be sure it’s the right method?

If this is something you would be taking to a printing shop, they can usually print from pdf too.. so long as you saved in 300 dpi (high quality pdf).  the other thing you might want to consider is opening the word doc again & using your grab tool to snip the image.

OR… go to this link and scroll down to method 5


Saved as pdf to open in preview; then exported as jpeg into a doc.; uploaded doc that showed as jpeg in a file I created NOT in iPhoto.

Q: I just noticed on my website I have no way for people to contact me. Any ideas how how you add that? Is there an app?

A: Do you have a WordPress.org site?http://wordpress.org/plugins/contact-form-7/

To confirm your email address, you only need access to your email, not a contact form on your website. You can get access to that, by logging into your hosting company & clicking through to their webmail. And while you’re there, forward the email to the email you receive daily.

Q: I am so frustrated… I think I bit off more than I can chew and I set aside all day today to work and got so stuck… it just wasn’t flowing and the more I tried to write the more resistance I felt so I have decided to go to the gym. I really want to do this, but I think I have some serious issues around perfectionism and also not feeling like what I create is worth that much… I have a hard time just doing because of this!!!

A: You’re not alone in feeling like this. Work through it at the gym. And if you see this while you’re there, spend a bit of time thinking about your ideal avatar & the help she/he needs. As much as it’s hard to release this & set aside perfectionism, your avatar really needs you to do it. Give them the best work you have, and be open to always making it better, even after “it ships”. It will be their feedback and questions that will continue to make your product creation better and better.

Remember how you’re helping them with their challenge & you’ll find a way to finish this. I know you can do it!

brings up tears for me too! This work is big & it’s scary. Our little chatterbox mind might tell us it’s only a little $27 product and doesn’t matter. But there is so much more to it. It’s part of our building blocks. It’s partially about stepping up into our role. It’s about growth.

It takes so much courage!! And we’re here for you!

Q: Funny I actually always de-value my work… Like I don’t think I am doing enough for $27 I charge a fraction if what other speakers charge for m assemblies and am constantly told i should raise tgem but i just cant seem to bc I want to always wow them and over deliver so then I under charge… I definitely need some help in this limiting belief… Anyone have any tips for being able to really feel like you can charge more… I find it hard to increase prices or charge for things unless they are ahmazing!!!

A:  Have you been in contact with Denise Duffield Thomas? Her newest book might be the one for you to read. It has a swear word in the title, but it’s an amazing book on shifting money blocks

Q: Does anyone have experience with Scribus? I am starting to use it but I am wondering … is it just for designing when you are finished with typing up all the content … or can you actually work on the content IN Scribus?

A: Yes! You can use scribus to write and designing. But they recommend using their “Story Editor” function for manually entering words from your keyboard.

I’m going to add this tool to the resource directory too… It looks like a similar tool to Scrivener & I love that it’s open source & free

It looks like this is the best way to use scribus for writing


Q: If I want my product to go out in timed emails (every couple of days for 3 weeks) and they include video and pdf’s, how do people purchase them off my web page? Has anyone done this?


Q: I promised to work on content creation this evening, and I am (Loralee:) , but I am having a bit of trouble knowing how to create the worksheet part of my project. (This is my very first product).

I am doing a 7 day program in which I will share content then what I wanted to do was give a work sheet per day on how to implement the ideas I talked about. I’m sure its a really simple process but i’m needing a little inspiration on how that’s done. If someone reading this can provide a link to an example or a simple explanation to get my brain moving in that direction I would very much appreciate it. Until then I will move on and skip the worksheet part of what I’m designing. Thank you everyone!

A:  I’ll include a couple of worksheets I’ve created. Let me know if this is what you need… but it’s an example of what has worked for me


Q: Ladies who do digital products, which service provider do you use for automatic downloads? I’ve used e-junkie in the past, not sure if they’re the best to go with again?

A:  nothing wrong with ejunikie if you’re already familiar with them.

I switched to woocommerce this spring… does a great job with creating coupons and the backend is steller.

But, I haven’t yet figured out how to customize the checkout so it’s simple for the end user.

EasyDigitalDownloads.com is a good WP plugin (they have paid add ons – so that’s how they can be great and free at the same time) Rhonda is using it and might chime in.

Or.. you could do a password protected page like I did with the last offering.

Okay, this might be a completely crazy idea, but if you’re looking for shopping cart and affiliate, I wonder if you might want to check out Zaaaxa – they’re pretty new, but the backend seems simple & because they’re still building to critical mass they’ll be free for quite a while…


Q: I have a few webinar questions though. Would it be awkward or technically challenging if I started and ended with live video and then just talked through the content?

Loralee, I was on a webinar you did recently where people could ask questions in a chat box on the side for everyone to see or just the moderator. What service did you use for that?
How do I share my screen?? And record??
Ugh! The writing seems so easy compared to the tech stuff.

A: I used Anymeeting for that one.

And to answer the question about live video – totally works. You can turn on the webcam to start the conversation.. and then flip back to screen sharing. Give it a whirl and be patient & it won’t stress you out.

Q: I‘m sure I can figure it out. I think I’m just be freaking out because I should be fast asleep right now. 

A: Do you have a white board? Can you write this stuff on your mind, on the whiteboard? I’ve been doing that a lot this spring an it helps me sleep better… no mind clutter.

Q: I am trying to set up a page in wordpress for my students, I think I would like a separate password for each person taking my bootcamp, instead of one password for the page. That way in the future if I have a payment plan I have control over their access. Can anybody help me with this?

http://www.s2member.com/ is free

Q: Anyone know if there a place to meet with more than 9 live online? google Plus max at 9. Thanks.

A:  You know your audience better than I do, but I personally find video to be quite distracting in sessions – especially if I’m also on camera. Too many things to look at and I don’t pay attention to the core material. If there are one or 2 on the screen it’s more than enough for me.
This platform allows you to share all of your media with each other, but you’re not seeing each others faces. Maybe take a look, just in case?

Q: Does everyone in the group know about PLR? Private Label Rights? If not, would you like me to explain a little in my audio tonight? It might help while you’re filling out your product design.

A: there is PLR for literally everything imaginable. From graphics, to software, to Wp plugins, to information about literally everything – Yep… down the rabbit hole .  For example, I’ve purchased a kit just for a set of checklists (I think I spent $8) that I included in the webinar course many people bought earlier this month. It made it easier for me to take a report I’d already created, and record videos – adding the checklists beefed it up. My own checklists might not have been much different, but they would have been less organized!?

Q: So I’m not the most tech savvy gal. Operating on an older mac and Office 2004. I want to add some info-graphics to my document. Tips? I am doing it in word and will then convert to a PDF. Thanks in advance

A: really big info graphics that have been made by someone else? Or are you creating info graphics?

Regardless, you can go to Insert Image in Word and then choose the image from the folder on your computer & resize it so it fits well on the page.

Q: question for you, what’s the best way to create audio mp3 file?

A: This is where I’ve been recording this week. It lets me download the MP3 or share it on several networks


i download the mp3, and rename it – because it comes in with a bunch of weird letters and numbers. I’m sure there are lots and lots of others – but it was the first one that popped up on Friday

Q: OK, I created my first MP3..I’m listening to it now.. how do I save it ?

A: I right click on the mp3 link and “save as”.

Q: On a MAC. I recently had someone who uses Freeconferencecall, think called, and also has Garage Band like me (we recorded as Podcast) make a recording.

She’s got health challenges or would ask her, but this may help others. Now that she recorded us in Freeconference (free service), she sent me the mp3. I want to put it in dropbox and transcribed is my thoughts. How do I get it from Dropbox, which I need to sign up for which I understand is free, sent to someone to transcribe? Maybe a video, if not done, as didn’t look yet, on the steps. Also in GarageBand, let’s say not save and then send to a transcriber–does it have to go into dropbox first or can I just hit Share in GarageBand? Thanks.

A:  On dropbox, you can grab a public link to each file, if you choose to. Just send your transcriber the link.

I put my bid on elance for transcription and had some amazing people apply. Some rates were fairly low, as we often expect with foreign workers, but the average was about $35-50 for 1 hour

Q: I’m trying to install wordpress on a subdirectory so I can create a squeeze page and I can’t remember how to do it! Anyone here know how or have a link to instructions? I’ve created a subdirectory now I just need to get wordpress installed…  I have cpanel with HostGator and I logged into File Manager, but I’m lost after that… Do I just upload WordPress there (in the subdirectory)?

A: go to Fantastico deluxe from Fantastico Deluxe you can click on “wordpress” and create a new installation of wordpress. You will have a drop down menu to choose the new subdirectory you just made.

You could have also chose your domain name & typed in the directory in the field below & it would create it for you…. an option in the future.

Q: Have we discussed how to set up freeconference call and then record?
Someone I met recorded me doing this but I am clueless on the process. Thought I would ask here first. She’s super tired. I heard always do a backup at the same time. I heard of one person online who forgot to do that and she has to do her 2 hour recording again.

A:  garage band records and your iphone should too.   http://www.dummies.com/how-to/content/how-to-use-the-iphone-4s-voice-recorder.html

Q: Not sure how to divide the segments for transcription.

A: there’s a couple of methods. Are you sure you want to write about customer service? If so, here’s one approach:
1. go to kindle & search for a popular customer service book.
2. Open the “preview kindle book” and look at their Table Of Contents
3. Use the TOC as a framework for your own book. Don’t literally use their chapter titles, but use it as a guideline to break it into small chunks.
4. Record one audio segment for each chapter, or sub-chapter. Break it into as many small pieces as you can, just so that you start seeing some traction.

Q: Hi Ladies. I am trying to get the pdf freebie uploaded in MailChimp and they are telling me the pdf document is to large. Any ideas on how to reduce the size? Its 24 pages. Is there anyway to make it smaller without having to take pages out?

A: if you want them to have the larger file you could upload it to a page on your website and redirect in mailchimp to the thank you page. Either with a link to the page in the final email, or choosing the option in mailchimp that redirects them to a specific url.

There are some added benefits to this method. If you’re using google analytics you can create “goals” and track conversion easier… Maybe something for another day, but it’s a method that I use to deliver bigger file sized or video.

Q: Well ladies, it took me three hours but my downloadable document is up. and its working, but it now poses another challenge. I have to get a paypal button up for people to sign up for the facebook private group because I wrote that into the document! i have the code for the button, but i don’t know how to create a promo box and add it to the front page. Do I do this in the web host provider section or the wordpress admin place? I need to create a box or something right?

A:  wordpress admin. Do you want to just add it as a widget on the sidebar? If so, just grab a text widget and paste the code. All that will show up is the button. You could make the title of the text widget the offer name & price and add the button code – that would be a really simple option…

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