Flowering seed

by | Aug 8, 2011 | Business | 21 comments

I wrote this little reflection while suntanning in the garden last summer.


Flowering seed

Like god intended, at the exact moment it
Bursts from flower petals
Begins its long journey
It’s dangerous
It flies
It lands and
It dies
And becomes a rebirth (of sorts)
In spring
It Takes unquestioning faith
And so I
Eat a flower seed. Touch a petal.Breathe in its essence.
Embrace my connection with universe
And thank the flower seed for its courage.


Stepping out in faith, knowing the foundation will be there below your feet, once you take that step, is a beautiful example of what nature does daily. We all feel fear. But we don’t all “do it anyway”.

Rumi said it much better in his poem

We Dance ~ Rumi

We came whirling

out of nothingness

scattering stars

like dust

the stars made a circle

and in the middle

we dance…

~ Rumi


Where are you feeling fear in your life today? Are your ready to burst free, take that risk, become a flower and share the beautiful essence of you, with others?

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  1. pat novak

    simply awesome….” and youโ€™ll know youโ€™re getting to your essence, your superpower, when you start to feel as if the face of the cosmos is smiling deep inside you and saying YES. THIS.”

    ( can’t remember who wrote that – Gay Hendricks I think. ) xo

  2. Alara Castell

    Love the simplicity of this post, but so powerful. The fear I am feeling today is taking that next step for my business. So many changes which are good and I can’t believe I am here, but now it’s time to really share it with the world with what I’m creating. But I know I need to…Thanks for the inspiration.


  3. Laurie Rosenfeld

    Lovely original poem Loralee and great reminder about stepping forward in faith. Beautiful imagery in these words: “Where are you feeling fear in your life today? Are your ready to burst free, take that risk, become a flower and share the beautiful essence of you, with others?” And I always love Rumi. Thank you for a sweet meditation on bursting free and dancing through the fear.

  4. Suki

    I have fear of making mistake every step of running my business but I take that as a lessons.
    Mistakes I’ve made, lessons I’ve learned. Keep calm and carry on.

  5. Tina Pruitt

    Beautiful post….I feel so serene after reading it. I have just had some fabulous breakthroughs the last few days, and have brought many things forward…out of nothingness. Thanks for the light you have given to me….the true breath of being.

  6. Tanya

    Breathtaking post! Chills!

    Where am I feeling fear? I’ve been afraid of going to the next level. And yet I know that every day I’m going to the next level. I find myself giving myself lots of pep talks about what I am creating, that I can do it. That WE can do it because I’m not doing it alone. That is what helps me take the next step forward. Knowing I have a tribe behind me.

  7. Verria Kelly

    Loralee, thank you for the reminder. This is a post that entrepreneurs should read regularly as they venture out to start and build their businesses.

  8. Sasha Campbell


    This is a beautiful post. I love your creativity and the choice of photos. Your post just shows how much nature can teach us. Not sure if you ever listen to Michael Beckwith, he has an audio where he talks about the seed and how it manifests into a rose bush. Your post reminded me of this. Love it.

  9. sheila

    Loralee, Rumi didn’t say it better, he just said it differently. Both are beautiful and you have your own gift with words, as did he.

  10. admin

    Go for it Heather! DO it! ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. Heather Lentz

    Thank you for this post. I am having a day filled with drama and I am about to burst which is unusual for me. Maybe I will try to burst free instead. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  12. Laura Gates

    Thanks Loralee, I will be gathering stardust in the Australian outback next week and hoping to connect with my inner-Rumi after much outer outer outer these past few months. This trip in itself is an act of courage, never having been there before, not knowing exactly what this trip will entail, sleeping outside under the stars in the middle of nowhere…. and hoping for a transformational experience. I love that you posted poetry as your blog!

    • admin

      Your outback trip sounds divine! I can hardly wait to hear about your experiences. I look forward to reading about them on your blog, Laura!

  13. Nicole Tengwall

    Oh what a great post for me right now. Starting my first business after being a stay-at-home mom for the past 14 years and going through a divorce recently has been a very scary journey full of self-doubt and a lack of confidence in my abilities. I’m finally starting to realize that I have to take risks to make my dream come true so I’m forging ahead and trying to gain the confidence that has slipped away over the last 14 years. Thanks for the great post!

    • admin

      Congratulations Nicole on stepping forward with courage to do this great work. I know how scary it can be. Know you’re not alone. Reach out when you’re feeling self-doubt, and I promise it will vanish. Your support team is already there waiting for you to ask for help. Remember you are not alone. ~ Loralee

  14. Anja

    If we would only KNOW that it’s our destiny to turn into beautiful flowers.
    If we would only REMEMBER who we truly are.
    Then we wouldn’t have fear. We would just do it anyway ๐Ÿ™‚
    Thank you!

    • admin

      Beautifully said Anja! thank you.

  15. Kathleen

    Loralee! How perfect to be fed such a seed image for this day, this week! thank you! If we could only just BE… like the flower which turns to seed, which lets go when its time, and flies or allows itself to be carried to find new ground, await without thought for the moment of moisture which will stir it to new Life.

    For humans, we are both cursed and blessed by our reflection upon ourselves. Perhaps when we can re-interpret the sensations of fear to mean something totally other when venturing out into a new adventure… the rocket fuel to FLY! What I love is this discussion that is happening by so many on this topic!

    thank you so much for this gift! xo

    • admin

      It is always happening, isn’t it? We’re all changing, evolving, going through something new. Allowing bits of us to die, and new parts to emerge. And yes, if we could trust it, and not over-think it… Well, you said it best.
      “without thought for the moment of moisture which will stir it to new Life” Thanks Kathleen!
      ~ Loralee

  16. Marissa

    Thank you, Loralee. Today started out as a very fear-filled day due to business financial issues. Thanks for the reminder to move forward, to dance, to breathe, and to “do it anyway”.

    • admin

      Dear Marissa! I’m so grateful for your response. I know those days where fear seems to be the driving force. I applaud you for dancing through it. It can be beautiful to stand with it, feel it, move with it instead of fight at struggle. And, it’s almost always right at the brink of some stunningly beautiful breakthrough. I can hardly wait to see what yours will be. Will you let us know? Keep us posted on beauty that transpired from today’s work? ~ Loralee