Freedom is Structure is Freedom

by | Jul 9, 2011 | Business

What I knew in the beginning, I forgot and then learned again over time. Structure is where my real freedom lies.

I once felt it would chain me down, and sometimes still do.

But know deep inside that’s simply fear talking. The real truth is that structure and framework give me wings to soar like an eagle.To be free of all entrapments, and all of the things my un-planning seems to encounter.

The planning and structure gives me flexibility and the ability to lie in the sun and daydream the afternoon away.

To write and create and play. Because the systems are in place working for me…I’m able to design new projects, work with other cool entrepreneurs and have a clear vision of where I want to go; even if that plan changes. God, I hope it does change. Because I can’t possibly imagine life as grande as it will be. In the end it’s always much more amazing than one little girl can dream up on her own.

But only when I put the systems in place. Do a little planning first and then set it free to soar like the eagles, just like I want to.

Create a plan, play with it, and delve into it.

Look at the numbers, the colors, the feelings, the benefits and the ways you’ll connect with the world.

Embrace the good and the bad.

Sit on it for a week or a month or a year if that’s the right thing to do. (That’s not fear talking, is it?) And then look at the plan again.

Take action, share it with a friend.

Be bold and strong. You’re a smart cookie. That plan is going to help you move forward faster than you dreamed possible. And you’ll need it as the motor gets revving.

It’s also going to help you know if you’re on track, way ahead of the game (woohoo) or dragging a sinking ship behind you. All ways are perfectly fine, but knowing your plan will let you make another smart cookie decision and pull the plug if that’s the right thing to do. Or find extra resources to launch you to that next level, when it’s too much for one person.


Trick it up! Make it pretty! Write it on a napkin and frame it! Draw it on a brand new balloon, and set it free on a sunny day!


Your plan, your way, your structure (you designed it) and YOUR freedom!

Share how you create structure in your business below.

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