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man Wampler, Abraham * ‎22 Nov 1840* Hanover, York, Pennsylvania, United States† ‎17 Mar 1908† Carroll, Maryland, United States
woman Wampler, Ada Naomi X Ernest Richard Martin* ‎Oct 1902* Brook, Newton, Indiana, USA† ‎12 Mar 1951† Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
woman Wampler, Amelia Cecelia * ‎30 Dec 1855* Hanover, York, Pennsylvania, United States† ‎24 sep 1863† Hanover, York, Pennsylvania, United States
woman Wampler, Amelia Elizabeth * ‎16 Mar 1869* Maryland, United States† ‎22 Nov 1935† Hanover, York, Pennsylvania, United States
woman Wampler, Anna Magdalena * ‎1721* Lancaster, Lancaster, Pennsylvania† ‎10 Jan 1741
woman Wampler, Clara Goodale 1st X Samuel De Forest Russell, 2nd X Harry Tuckey* ‎1 Dec 1892* Iroquois, Newton, Indiana, USA† ‎21 Mar 1966† Portage La Prairie, Manitoba, Canada
man Wampler, Cyrus Jacob * ‎16 May 1872* Carroll, Maryland, United States† ‎27 Dec 1961† Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
man Wampler, Daniel David * ‎Jun 1847* Maryland, United States† ‎1913† Pennsylvania, United States
man Wampler, Edward Lewis X Harriet Elizabeth Campbell* ‎20 Jun 1865* Carroll, Maryland, United States† ‎4 sep 1940† Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
woman Wampler, Elizabeth 'Ann' * ‎1775* Manheim, York, Pennsylvania USA (Hanover)† ‎16 Jun 1819† Manheim, York, Pennsylvania USA
woman Wampler, Eve Mary * ‎± 22 sep 1776* York, York, Pennsylvania, USA† ‎3 Mar 1850† Stark County, Ohio, USA
man Wampler, Frederick 1st & Elizabeth Ruhlman, 2nd X Ann Maria Ceiss* ‎11 Feb 1785* York, York, Pennsylvania, USA† ‎25 Apr 1838† Tuscarawas, Stark, Ohio, USA
man Wampler, George Albert * ‎17 Aug 1873* Maryland, United States† ‎11 Nov 1878† Pennsylvania, United States
man Wampler, Hans Adam * ‎1729* Lancaster, Lancaster, Pennsylvania† ‎31 Jul 1733
man Wampler, Hans George * ‎9 Aug 1716
man Wampler, Hans Jacob X Anna Magdalena Knutti* ‎10 Nov 1616* Zwischenfluh, Canton, Bern, Switzerland† ‎1699† Bern, Diemtigen, Switzerland
man Wampler, Henry L * ‎20 May 1853* Carroll, Maryland, United States† ‎7 sep 1863† Carroll, Maryland, United States
man Wampler, Jacob * ‎after 1683† ‎5 Oct 1755
man Wampler, Johan Ludwig * ‎1730* Lancaster, Lancaster, Pennsylvania
man Wampler, Johann Christian X Justina Magdalena Christillus* ‎6 Feb 1718* Keskastel, Bas-Rhin, Alsace, France† ‎1764† York, Pennsylvania
man Wampler, Johannes "Hans" * ‎7 Oct 1660* Diemtigen, Bern, Switzerland† ‎24 Oct 1750† Diemtigen, Bern, Switzerland
man Wampler, Johannes Casper * ‎11 Dec 1795* Manheim Township, York, Pennsylvania, United States† ‎before 1850† Preble, Ohio, USA
man Wampler, Johannes Daniel * ‎3 May 1791* York County, Pennsylvania, USA† Pennsylvania, USA
man Wampler, Johannes George * ‎11 Jul 1787* York County, Pennsylvania, USA† ‎3 Jan 1862† Brown, Darke Co. Ohio
man Wampler, Johannes Leonard * ‎3 Dec 1782* York, York, Pennsylvania, USA† ‎31 Jan 1857† Gratis, Preble, Ohio, USA
man Wampler, John * ‎14 Jan 1834* Pennsylvania, United States† ‎10 Dec 1881† Hanover, York, Pennsylvania, United States
man Wampler, John X Maria Dorothea Hiller* ‎1745* Switzerland† ‎14 Mar 1823† York, York, Pennsylvania, USA
man Wampler, John T * ‎Jul 1863* Maryland, United States† ‎5 May 1930† Hanover, York, Pennsylvania, United States
man Wampler, Lewis James Ludwig * ‎± 1772* York Township, York, Pennsylvania† ‎17 Dec 1831† Baltimore, Maryland, USA
woman Wampler, Lillian May "Lily" X Mr Francis Harbron* ‎19 Mar 1896* Kentland, Newton, Indiana, United States† ‎17 Jan 1982† Kingston, Frontenac, Ontario, Canada

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