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This post was part of the #12DayGiveaway

This post is part of the 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway. Just leave a comment below to enter to win today’s prize. This post also includes some affiliate links (disclosure)automate

In this #12DayGiveaway we’ve talked about outsourcing, scheduling social media posts and using tools to help make running an online business easier. And, that’s because I believe adding in simple automation can lighten our work load – making it easier to leverage the time we have.

There are 2 more tools I’d like to introduce you to today, that can help with a wide range of automation. Tools that connect the dots in the background, so that you don’t need to keep repeating tasks over, and over again. can connect your everyday tasks and automate them, so you don’t have to remember.

For example, I often share “Freebies” on twitter. I try to remember to bookmark them, so I can update my online tools list, but I’m not perfect (or even close) and forget. So, instead of relying on my memory, I created a rule with that makes a copy of every tweet I make with the hashtag #freebie. It copies the tweet & sends it to a spreadsheet on my Google Drive. Now, all I need to remember is to use the hashtag #freebie (pretty easy habit to create) and have confidence that I have an ever growing list – a backup, I suppose?

IFTT Freebie Tweet Recipe

Another way I use is by creating a rule that automatically welcomes a new member of my Facebook group (with a custom message I can change from time to time).

I was a bit worried that it would be repetitive, or impersonal. But honestly, I was forgetting to welcome people & I believe it’s better to use the same message consistently, vs no message at all.

IFTT Welcome new members


As you’re going through your business tasks, ask yourself, “Am I repeating this task over an over again?” If so, let’s see if there is a way to automate part of it.

Some automation tasks you might want to use from are:

If you have an account already, just click the “add” button below & set up any of these recipes for yourself.

IFTTT Recipe: Congratulate your LinkedIn contacts automatically for their new jobs connects linkedin to linkedinIFTTT Recipe: Payments accepted via Square adds a row to a spreadsheet connects square to google-drive

IFTTT Recipe: Scheduled Facebook Group posts connects date-time to facebook-groupsIFTTT Recipe: Say 'Hi' and welcome new members to your Facebook Group connects facebook-groups to facebook-groups

IFTTT Recipe: Email yourself with #ilostmyphone to turn volume up (when phone is lost on silent). connects gmail to android-deviceIFTTT Recipe: 'Starred' Gmails are forwarded to Asana connects gmail to gmail


3 Recipes for small business owners 

Some of the Channels you can connect to….

As of the day I wrote this post, here are the tools you could connect – pretty amazing, right?

Use your imagination and think of ways you could connect tools you’re already using, in creative waysIFTTT Channels 1 IFTTT Channels 2 IFTTT Channels 3

The list might change (they seem to add new ones every time I look)


Using Zapier to Automate

Zapier works in much the same way, but has quite a few more of the channels you might be using in your day to day business.

Zapier has free and paid accounts, and you can earn extra Zaps by  to earn extra free credits. With the free account you can set up 5 zaps (like the recipes above) with 100 tasks. I earned enough in my first 2 months (back in 2012) that I’ve never needed to pay. In fact, I still only use about 1/3 of my free zaps per month.zapier_settings

Instead of posting graphics like I did with, I’ll just include a couple of links & a short video of one of the ways I use Zapier.

 Add Newsletter sign up to a specific group in Mailchimp

setting up a zap from one mailchimp list to another mailchimp list in zapier

Set up this same task with my referral link to get a bonus 100 tasks free

Or click the button below to copy my point:


Let me know in the comments below if you’re using Automation now. Or have a zap or ifttt recipe you’d like to share.

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  1. Cxandra

    You’ve definitely given me a lot to digest. Thank you again for sharing.

  2. Puff

    Wow! another really wonderful thing I could use to get my act together! I think I need to take a month off for learning, setting up and organizing ~ where is the Lotto genie to make that happen?

  3. Latreeka

    I had never heard of IFTTT before! It seems like a great tool and I will definitely be checking it out. Thanks for sharing!

  4. jo ebisujima

    I recently switched over to Edgar and I’m finding that much more time efficient. I used Zapier a while ago but I never really got my head around it!

    • Loralee

      I really like how easy it is to recycle posts in Edgar, but found I would forget to log in for weeks at a time – different than how I’m using coschedule. It’s cool when you find something that suits your own style, isn’t it?


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