Got Comparisonitis?

by | May 11, 2013 | Business | 12 comments

starting my project right now. PANIC!!! don’t know where to start, but will start writing.

Loralee Hutton
as in writing for blog posts?
writing for a product? Whatever it is, I’m excited for you!

all of the above

Loralee Hutton
yay!! You go girl! You’ve got this! Can’t wait to see what you create

im literally in panic mode tho

Loralee Hutton
why, why?

i get in this cloud of what am i gonna write about? its not good enough. others out there are doing it better. i’m not an expert at anything! who are you kidding?. it’s already been done and said. etc etc.

Loralee Hutton
well… I’m pretty sure you can just tell all that mind chatter to chill out this weekend. You have STUFF to get done!!!

yup. thanks. I will. I am. i have STUFF to do!

Loralee Hutton
And… seriously! there are people out there who do things “better than you” but there will be no one in the world who does it quite the same as you.

And there are people who need to hear what you’ve got to say

So.. my dear! Just say it!

And, get ready to share it so you can find the people who need you. Just keep moving forward. Those fears and things… they can come back and play with you later… they don’t have to leave forever. Just for this weekend, while you have Stuff to do!! You’re gonna rock this Lyda

ThankYou!!!! XOXOOXOX

Loralee Hutton

Loralee Hutton
Sweet Lydia! May I use this as blog inspiration? And if so, what else can we tell others who are also saying, “what am i gonna write about? is not good enough. others out there are doing it better. i’m not an expert at anything! who are you kidding?. it’s already been done and said. etc etc.”

I bet you have some awesome advice for them

oh yes! I wrote down this exact (almost) words yesterday at work on topics to write about from my personal experience, because I AM an expert at my personal experience! See, I am not that lost. all in my head and heart and now coming out. thank you for taking off the lid. yes you can use it for inspiration to blog as i will be writing about this too! cool to see our views later on.

Loralee Hutton
Aaah.. maybe a guest post! BUT, after you work on what you’re working on!

And the more people who talk about this, the better. We have so many people out there with debilitating comparisonitis, if we can trick people to turn it off for even a few minutes once a month, the world would be a better place (In my humble opinion – of course, 3 hours from now I’ll be in my own little fear and doubt place – pretty much guaranteed)

Loralee Hutton
And you, my friend? What inspiration do you have to share with us? Can you ask the nagging chatterbox in your head to be quite for a while & share what’s inside you?Let’s start a conversation below & invite friends to also give comparisonitis a short vacation this week.

P.s. Thank you “Lydia” for sharing your fears & helping others step into their “big stuff”. Lots of love to you ~ xo ~ Loralee

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  1. Okto

    Hi Loralee,

    I’ve been following your blog for a while. I think comparisonitis is one of many cause of procrastination. I think if there are people out there who do things “better than us”, there’s nothing to be afraid of! Having this feeling is nothing more than a store. The first thing is to just walk in. You can take a friend or family member. So all we need is just to finish what we capable of and let the world know about it.

    Great post

    • Loralee

      Thank you Okto! And what a great analogy & perspective. Although sometimes I think I need a little tattoo/daily reminder.

  2. Delia

    Wonderful Loralee! This is what I keep telling and telling my daughters all the time about everything they feel “not good enough”. I know I’ve had these negate thoughts in my mind and working through them and despite them is the best advice I have for anyone.
    At some point it will become second nature to switch these thoughts around, it easier than we think if we practice long enough 🙂

  3. Marsha Shandur

    This was great! I especially liked, “there will be no one in the world who does it quite the same as you”.

    On the wall above my desk, I have a big handwritten sign that says,

    “I am the world’s best expert at being authentically me!”

    Thanks, Loralee and Lydia!

  4. Sheri Conaway

    Boy, is this the truth or what? We must all get stuck in the “but it’s all been said before, and by someone smarter” rut. I have come to love the concept that, maybe it was said before, but not from my perspective! And that’s what we’re all here to do, is give it our perspective. Once we do that, we’ll find that other people relate to our perspective, maybe better than to some of those which came before us. The way I see it, if I help even one person by sharing what I’ve experienced, then I am successful!
    Thank you for putting it so succinctly with the help of Lydia.

  5. Susan

    Hello Loralee!

    This is fabulous and so true. But I find we not only compare ourselves to others but also to some impossible standard that we magically create.

    My last blog post was about moving through self judgement to open up to abundance. I think when we can move through it magic happens.

    Of course I sent an email with the blog to my list and immediately someone unsubscribed…hmmmm…it is not a message everyone is ready to hear but good on ya darling for putting it out there for those of us who do!!

    To your happiness & harmony,

    • Loralee

      unsubscribes can be hard to handle, but they’re really a gift. For all the ones who unsubscribed think of all the ones who genuinely wanted to hear from you? It’s interesting how we (including me) notice the 1 or 2 who leave & feel the pain of it (is it our fear of rejection?) instead of focusing on the other hundreds who we could reach, or who are still there listening & grateful for the connection. Tricky balance, isn’t it?

  6. Bonnie Gean

    I tell my peeps this all the time – nobody can quite tell the story like YOU can.

    Besides, do you know how many marketing books I have on my shelf at this very moment? Too many to count. 🙂

    The point being – I buy more than one book on the same topic. So there’s no reason why you can’t share the same topic with others, but do it on your own terms!

    Rock on!

    • Loralee

      So true! We have our own unique perspective. In a niche topic and in life.

  7. lmg

    Thank you for posting this Loralee Hutton! You are the bestest at hitting me on the head with wise words.
    The comparisonist is on a long vacation now, soon to become exile, if I can get away with it.

  8. Kathleen Prophet

    ahhhhhhhh yes, the monkey mind created dis-ease of comparisonitis! It really is just part of the way our brains work. They key is recognizing that this is something we can work on and shift, or like you suggest say… thanks for sharing and come back another day! hahaha!

    Honestly, I think part of it IS to inspire us… but too much makes us ill. I absolutely have suffered with this SO MUCH over the last almost year and a half I have been online with my work. It IS something we need to support each other through! just as YOU have done for meeeeeeeeeeeeeee….. my dearest friend and support! xo

    • Loralee

      so true. If I can ask it to be quieter for a while, it sure helps. I think it freaks out when I try to force it to leave forever though.