Instead of writing boring business plans I’ve started using pencil crayons & coloring!

For the past year or two I’ve been using sketches and drawings instead of the typical plans I created in the past. Here’s a picture of my 4th Quarterly Goals for 2011. We’re entering the beginning of the 2nd Quarter of 2012. It’s easy to create a plan, dream and vision for 3 months, just like this one.

Download your copy here

Now that you have it in your hands, here’s the next step:

  1. What is your number 1 Goal for the next 3 months? (write it in the middle)
  2. Now, focus on the other circles. List 3-5 things you can take action on in each area that will help you reach this goal.
  3. Sometimes when we’re lost the “vision” for our business certain things happen (like getting sick more frequently, not following up on leads, etc). What are your triggers? Write these down so you can take responsibility early on.
  4. Also, when we’re not feeling supported there are some warning signs too. Write down the ones that are relevant for you.
  5. Put a mantra at the top left, and a special note to yourself in the bottom right.
  6. Take a picture, and share it on Facebook, paste a link in the comments on my blog or write me a note to let me know you’re “in the game”.

Have fun!
~ Loralee

Download your copy here  (nothing to sign up for – just a quick PDF download)

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