Help! I can’t find my saved buttons in paypal

by | Jul 15, 2012 | Tools | 7 comments

UPDATED: February 16, 2016

And other common questions I hear when people are setting up sales pages.

How many times has this happened to you? You know you’ve saved your PayPal Buttons, but you’ve logged back into your PayPal Account and can’t find those saved buttons anywhere.


Here’s a graphic reminder of the 3 questions I’m asked most frequently about PayPal:

Help! I can’t find my saved buttons in PayPal




I want to offer my clients a 2 payment option and a ‘buy now’ option. Do I need to upgrade to the paid version of PayPal?

  1. I recommend upgrading to the free Business Account (there is a paid version too, but most solopreneurs are fine with the free upgrade. You’ll know when you need more)
  2. Choose the “Subscribe” option, just below the “Buy Now Buttons”, and follow the steps to set up your 2 payments.



I can’t stand the default PayPal Button. Can I use my own image?

Of course you can. It’s built right into the setup phase of your paypal button creation (for subscriptions and regular Buy Now buttons). Take a look at the screen shot below:



I hope these 3 tips help you while you’re creating your offerings to the world! Do you have any other questions or areas where you get “stuck” when you’re putting your offer up on a page? Let me know in the comments below. I’m more than happy to help.

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  1. Wick

    Hi Lahara, even though you suggest where to find the buttons I’ve created, I still can’t see the little link when I go into Merchant services. Any suggestions why this might not be available. I’m trying to add a thank you page after they check out and have been told its in the drop down menu. Also, which url do I use, the website one (which is hugely long) or the email one? Thank you!

    • Loralee

      I use the email one. The other one is best if you want to use their button embedded in your site…but the code often breaks, so I prefer to use the email link instead.

      This video is a bit long, but I wonder if looking over my shoulder will help with finding the redirect page link?

      Let me know if it works?

  2. Marinda

    I was searching for those buttons forever! You’d think they can make it easier to find, LOL! Thanks Loralee.

    • Loralee

      wish I could have teleported the information for you before you spent all that time searching Marinda! And totally agree – why is it so hard to find? Baffles the mind. Great to see your shining face here today!

  3. Elsie Escobar

    I loved this! Thanks Loralee. I haven’t deal with PayPal too much other than invoicing people. I most definitely will implement some of this when I create more of the special buttons! And I had no idea about the free business account. Awesome. Thanks Loralee!

  4. Jan

    Like Cathy, I went round and round in circles looking for those buttons yesterday!
    Thanks for pointing out the payment options part too – saves me tearing my hair out when I want to add them 🙂

  5. Cathy Sykora

    This is very funny, I just wrestled with all of this yesterday! Another I would add is to be sure to paste the html into the html page and not the regular text page. I thought it was fairly simple. But all you need is one hiccup and you are ready to pull your hair out. Great article topic! Thanks