Holiday micro tasks

by | Dec 23, 2018 | Business

Hopefully you’re taking time off for the holidays. But if you don’t want to completely detach, and enjoy doing little micro tasks during quiet time, here’s a few things you can do (while watching movies or keeping warm fireside)

Little things you can do over the holidays.

1. Check or revoke rights permissions & one click logins

2. Update Old Passwords

  • run a security test of your passwords (here’s how in lastpass) or set up password keeper if you’re not already using one (lastpass is free to use via web and devices)
  • or set up password keeper if you’re not already using one (lastpass is free to use via web and devices)

3. Project Management Cleanup

  • if you use a asana or trello, clear out items that are no longer benefiting you and your business
  • if you use asana and haven’t taken advantage of “personal tasks” take a look at them too.

4. Group Streamlining

  1. See all of your Facebook Groups here

5. Start 2019 Fresh With Inbox Zero

Maybe you’re not comfortable with complete inbox zero, but most of us receive 100 or more emails in our inbox each day. It doesn’t take long for things to pile up.

If you’re not comfortable deleting everything consider some of these alternatives instead:

  • mark all of your emails as “read” and then archive them
  • “select all” items in your inbox, then scroll through and uncheck any items you want to keep. Delete everything else on the page (or archive, if you prefer). Repeat until all but your must-read messages are in your inbox.

6. Organize Bookmarks

  • create folders for your bookmarks and move any unorganized links into folders

7. Start Working on new content

  • Use this blog post to grab 30 or more subject lines for emails this year
  • Use the WP Editorial Calendar plugin:
    • to brainstorm ideas for blog content for the entire year. Or maybe brainstorm 12 themes that can be implemented throughout the year.
    • The plugin creates a “text only” draft of your blog post. It’s a great starting point, and you don’t have to load each page individually. Just type your ideas, choose a date if you wish, click save and open a new one. rinse and repeat.

Share your best tips

Do you have other simple tasks you do over the holidays? Share them in the comments below.

p.s. Year-end planning might be on your list too. If so, consider picking up this free planner you can use for yourself, but make small adjustments and convert it to something your clients /customers will want to use.

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