I think I might have reached an all time high. I used to be really good at keeping things to a minimum, but it looks like this past year has been the exception to the rule.  Take a look at this image & you’ll see what I mean.

I’ve recently been involved in a few discussions in my online community where people have had slow website load times, or problems with images and graphics loading. I think I may have been feeling a little smug that no one says the same about my site.  That when I run it through a quick test, everything is pretty standard.  Not top of the line, but no big warning signs either.

WordPress Plugins Too Many

But this evening just before bed I was doing a little bit of admin work & logged into “Installed Plugins”…

…and for the first time in forever, I looked at the number at the top.  Wow! 44 plugins. How did that happen?

Well, I do know of course. I installed them. And not for the reasons most people do. I sort of use this website as a playground. So, when a client or potential client asks me if I’ve heard of “Such and Such”, I tend to google it.  And then I do a quick test for them, to assess if it’s something they’re going to be able to grasp quickly – or not.

And, if it looks like a great fit for them, I shoot them over a link.  Voila!

The problem seems to be in that very last step.

It shouldn’t be the last step.  I SHOULD be coming back to my website after sending that email / facebook message & hitting Deactivate.

I’m guessing my pack-rat tendencies are kicking in & I want to remember something about the plugin, or think I may find it useful in the future.  Forgetting there is “always more where that came from”.  And just letting it go.
So, before the problem get’s too bad, I’m going to go through this list, delete everything but 15 (if I can do that) and run a quick diagnostic of my site.

By the way, have you been to Nathalie Lussiers’ Blog?  She has a great video called “How to Speed Up your WordPress in 5 Steps” that may have inspired me to look in the top left corner this evening. Thanks Nathalie!

Do you have a little (or big) nagging task you’ll be taking care of on the weekend? I’d love to hear about it.


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