Are you like me?  You start using a social network only to lose momentum & move on to something else?

LinkedIn was one of the first social media sites I was part of (mid 2000’s I guess) and my connection list grew really fast. I belonged to some great groups & then one day FaceBook came onto the horizon, and Twitter & I my LinkedIn profile. It’s been collecting dust for years.

Today one of my colleagues asked, “How can I re-engage with my Linked In Profile?” and I was inspired to do a little research. Partially because I love helping, but also because I would like to leverage that community & my resources there sometime (in the next decade).

Here’s what I found while doing a little research this morning.  See if there is 1 or 2 things from this list that works with your personal style that you could easily implement into your marketing strategy?

How to engage on LinkedIn:

  1. Actively engage in discussions in your field of interest (or expertise).
  2. Be helpful, don’t just pitch your product/service.
  3. Create a Group (tip: I hear you’ll have full access to this contact list & can send them weekly emails, but haven’t tried this)
  4. Always include a link to an offer (a freebie, or other call to action) in your signature line. Make it easy for people to remain engaged with you, outside of LinkedIn
  5. You can like, comment on, follow, or message people who started the discussion.
  6. Ask great questions!  Start your own discussion
  7. Share helpful information from your blog content (no need to create something brand new)
  8. Share helpful information from other peoples content (sharing is easy to do & creates great business karma)
  9. Add your blog through one of the advanced features
  10. Forward introductions from people
  11. Make connections/introductions for people (without asking for anything in return)

Another article by Lewis Howe here where he shares these great tips:

In this video interview he was asked the same question:

How can you proactively use linkedIn? (his answer…)

  1. Ask questions and answer questions
  2. Find one thing & be consistent

Lewis also offered up this juicy tidbit!  Use your linked in profile like you would with keywords in Google SEO, and see an instant change in the way your profile shows up for keywords specific to your niche.

5 places to put your keywords in linked in

(like SEO for LinkedIn)
1. Headline
2. Current work experience
3. Past work experience
4. Summary
5. Specialties

Lewis Howe says that adding your keywords to these 5 areas will move your profile to the top of the page within minutes (not weeks, or months).

With 50 million people on LinkedIn it’s probably time to me to dust off that profile & get involved.  I’m going to pick one or two of the tips from this post over the next month or so.

How about you? What’s 1 thing you could do with your LinkedIn profile this month?



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