Information Overload vs Action

by | May 10, 2013 | Business | 2 comments

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Are you feeling it too? Information Overload?

I believe many of us are, and one way to relieve that pressure is to take action & do something. Finish something. And one way to help your clients, is to help them complete something. What better way to do that, than by creating a workshop for them. Where they can bring something that has been on their “to-do list” for a long time, and finish it.

Check it off their list

I’ve been hosting online workshops since 2008.  On some really weird topics (like, bookkeeping).  We don’t learn a new topic, or sit on the phone for 60 or 90 minutes. But we work through our time together.  We get things done. It’s sort of similar to a new trend I’m seeing with “co-op work days”.  But we usually have 30 people all working at once.

It’s effective, people get to check a big thing off their ‘to do list’ and it’s way more fun & motivating when you know other people are working on the same thing, at the same time. Oh, and it probably doesn’t help to have someone available to answer questions, so you just don’t ever feel stuck.

This month, while preparing my new “Your First Webinar” ecourse (something people have been asking for since January) I was also preparing my gift for the Biz Training Club & I heard some little rumblings. I heard things like, “I haven’t read Automate Your Biz yet, but I want to.” Or, “I’ve downloaded it, but I’m not ready to look at it!”, and quite simply, “I’m overwhelmed”

So I listened.

And decided to pull out my super-hero cape (no, I don’t really have one, but maybe I’ll get one for Halloween this year, just for fun) and craft a gift to the Biz Training Club that would help people finish.  It’s a bit of an experiment, really.

This month in the biz training club I’m offering a workshop/playdate for anyone who wants to test out running their own webinar or teleseminar.  Fun idea, right?

Webinar Workshop

  • It’s a practice session – with people you haven’t met yet.
  • I’ll match you up with someone else who also wants to practice.  (early next week you’ll get an email introducing you to your practice partners)
  • You’ll receive the workbook for free from “Your First Webinar” (not the training videos or checklists, but still great information)
  • You’ll have a full week to set up your free account (if you don’t have one already), send out invitations & prepare a 5 minute talk.
  • You’ll host your practice session with your partners & then we’ll get together as a larger group & talk about our findings, answer questions & troubleshoot any challenges you might have.

Sound good?.

===>> Sign up here  (there’s no charge to you)

And, if you work better in a self study format, check out my “Your First Webinar” ecourse.  It’s on sale for only $7 between now and May 15th

Here’s what Ashlee said:
Ashley Thurlow




Have you found any innovative ways to cope with information overload? Either for yourself, or for clients? Are you creating new ways for people to work with you that help them move forward quickly, instead of feeling overwhelmed? Let’s start a discussion. Leave your comments below.

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  1. Loralee

    Fantastic insight Arjen. I really appreciate this.

  2. Arjen ter Hoeve

    Hi Loralee,

    Thank you for your article.

    One of the ways I look at information overload is not that there is too much information, but that I lost overview. There is just too much noise.

    When you remove the noise, you will see that there is no more information overload. How I do this? Changing workplaces, mapping out what I want, asking other people what to do (for example).

    Focus on one thing and the noise will remove like snow in the sun 🙂

    Thanks again!