It’s Valentines Day today and people all over the world are celebrating LOVE.  It’s a beautiful thing.  But business owners, especially those of us who are starting something new this year, may not have been taking the time out to luxuriate.  Maybe money is tight and maybe there just doesn’t seem like there is enough time to take a break.

Well, if you’re reading this message I have a challenge for you.  Before reading any further, go to your bath and start filling it.

Then come back here to read the rest


Okay! You’re tub is filling, right?  Water just the temperature you love?  It doesn’t matter what time of day or night.  I hope you’d doing this, right now!

Now I want you to go to your kitchen and find a couple of ingredients.  (Yep, you read right)

  • olive oil

  • salt (regular kitchen salt is just fine)

  • baking soda

  • 1 egg

We’re not going to bake anything –promise!  No special culinary skills required.


Go check on the water in the bathtub?  Is it okay?

And pour in some oil, salt and baking soda (no need to measure, but if you’d like some guidance, a 1/4 cup of each works well)

Do you have any favorite essential oils?  Maybe lavender or even rose water? If so, bring it to the bathroom too.

If you have a candle in the bathroom, light it.  If you don’t just turn down the lights and enjoy your bath in the dark.

You might want a little bowl to crack the egg into – and then rub it into your hair (it’s craving the protein – rinse it out before you get out of the tub, or leave it in and have a shower later today. The oil might leave your hair a little messy)

and slip into the bath… The olive oil will immediately join with your skin, the salt will soothe those aching muscles and the baking soda is going to calm down any skin agitations that often occur when we’re under stress in our business or personal life.

And rest.

Even if it’s only 20 minutes in that hot water. Rest. No electronics, no distractions.


If you’ve been craving a manicure, take a moment to push back your cuticles (even with your other hand) and put on a light coat of nail polish. Let it dry & then massage some olive oil into the cuticles. 

And let me know how you feel – later.  Not now!  This is your time!  For now I’m going to jump into the shower and wash off my egg/hair mask – it’s kind of ‘sticky’ Smile


Happy Valentines Day.IMG00374

Love,  Loralee

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p.s. Your shower and tub will be slippery after – please be careful.

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Did you see my love letter to myself earlier this week? It’s a 2 minute video

p.p.s. I found this 7 minute video for olive oil tricks, salt scrubs etc. – she’s sweet & really walks through this process even while being distracted by her daughter.

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