I keep hearing the quote “It’s the journey, not the destination” in my mind, as I navigate this new lifestyle. I’ve been traveling, and working for the past 3 weeks, and it’s been a challenge at every single bend in the road.

With all of my talk of living a freedom based lifestyle I’ve been fairly hard on myself, now that my plans haven’t been working as well as I’d thought.

Or so it seems.

As I settle into the first week of ‘stability’ since the end of August, I can’t help but ask myself a multitude of questions.

Who am I kidding? I’ve been asking myself these questions constantly over the past few weeks. I just haven’t had the ability to write them down, capture them, share them with others.

Why? Because I’ve spent most of the past few weeks struggling to connect to the internet, to power and ultimately my network. And strangely, I was in major cities most of the time. In hindsight it was almost a comedy of errors that kept me from being in regular communication.

And once again, it reminds me how important it is for me to have:

  1. good systems in place
  2. a support team
  3. everything streamlined (as much as possible)
  4. a solid structure

These are the core fundamental pieces that allow me to have the freedom I crave. And boy, oh boy, does this experiment test me in all of these areas.

Jumping in headfirst isn’t an ideal strategy for many people, but maybe it’s the absolute perfect way to truly find my focus & move quickly to create what I need to really flourish in my own business. And I wanted to share this with you, because they may be questions you can ask yourself, even if you’re not working & traveling at the same time.

Good Systems in Place

  1. How can I create additional blog content, prepare newsletters in advance?
  2. Do I have a solid marketing plan ready for my products/programs?
  3. Can I delegate easily to my VA?

A Support Team

  1. How can I build an even stronger support team?
  2. Does my software & hardware support me? Are there ways it can be improved?
  3. Will I be in regular contact with my Business Coach, Accountability Partners, etc?

Everything Streamlined

  1. How can I make my everyday tasks simpler to complete?
  2. Where am I spending too much time “spinning my wheels”?
  3. Are there ways I can combine and unify my other websites / programs/ offerings? Or get rid of something all together.

A Solid Structure

  1. Where do I really want to focus my time and energy?
  2. What products/services and programs are providing the value, and how can I create more of that?
  3. Do I have my business plan handy, to reference, use as a resource & update while I’m traveling?

And as I ask myself these questions over the upcoming week (and maybe months), I can’t help but wonder if this is the opportunity for me to truly create what I’ve been dreaming of for the past decade.

So, instead of feeling the pressure to get it right the first time, I’m doing what I can to enjoy the journey –this piece where I’m asking myself questions, observing what’s taking place in my business TODAY, and knowing that the destination is far less important than how I show up to play the game.

Are you enjoying the journey in your life and business? Or agonizing about the ultimate destination?

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