It’s the journey not the destination

by | Sep 19, 2011 | Business | 20 comments

I keep hearing the quote “It’s the journey, not the destination” in my mind, as I navigate this new lifestyle. I’ve been traveling, and working for the past 3 weeks, and it’s been a challenge at every single bend in the road.

With all of my talk of living a freedom based lifestyle I’ve been fairly hard on myself, now that my plans haven’t been working as well as I’d thought.

Or so it seems.

As I settle into the first week of ‘stability’ since the end of August, I can’t help but ask myself a multitude of questions.

Who am I kidding? I’ve been asking myself these questions constantly over the past few weeks. I just haven’t had the ability to write them down, capture them, share them with others.

Why? Because I’ve spent most of the past few weeks struggling to connect to the internet, to power and ultimately my network. And strangely, I was in major cities most of the time. In hindsight it was almost a comedy of errors that kept me from being in regular communication.

And once again, it reminds me how important it is for me to have:

  1. good systems in place
  2. a support team
  3. everything streamlined (as much as possible)
  4. a solid structure

These are the core fundamental pieces that allow me to have the freedom I crave. And boy, oh boy, does this experiment test me in all of these areas.

Jumping in headfirst isn’t an ideal strategy for many people, but maybe it’s the absolute perfect way to truly find my focus & move quickly to create what I need to really flourish in my own business. And I wanted to share this with you, because they may be questions you can ask yourself, even if you’re not working & traveling at the same time.

Good Systems in Place

  1. How can I create additional blog content, prepare newsletters in advance?
  2. Do I have a solid marketing plan ready for my products/programs?
  3. Can I delegate easily to my VA?

A Support Team

  1. How can I build an even stronger support team?
  2. Does my software & hardware support me? Are there ways it can be improved?
  3. Will I be in regular contact with my Business Coach, Accountability Partners, etc?

Everything Streamlined

  1. How can I make my everyday tasks simpler to complete?
  2. Where am I spending too much time “spinning my wheels”?
  3. Are there ways I can combine and unify my other websites / programs/ offerings? Or get rid of something all together.

A Solid Structure

  1. Where do I really want to focus my time and energy?
  2. What products/services and programs are providing the value, and how can I create more of that?
  3. Do I have my business plan handy, to reference, use as a resource & update while I’m traveling?

And as I ask myself these questions over the upcoming week (and maybe months), I can’t help but wonder if this is the opportunity for me to truly create what I’ve been dreaming of for the past decade.

So, instead of feeling the pressure to get it right the first time, I’m doing what I can to enjoy the journey –this piece where I’m asking myself questions, observing what’s taking place in my business TODAY, and knowing that the destination is far less important than how I show up to play the game.

Are you enjoying the journey in your life and business? Or agonizing about the ultimate destination?

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  1. Scott Powers

    Loralee I loved that you just jumped into this dream. Of course Life/Resistance/ or whatever you want to call it, threw the kitchen sink at you and tested your mettle, and of course you are the perfect person to handle it all. I view as one of our pioneers in that since…always pushing, testing, and sharing what you learn.
    Your list is really great for any business, not just one that is mobile.
    Lastly I have say I love your photo as it reminds me of New England in the Fall, my favorite season that I am suddenly missing.
    I’m glad you are letting us join your journey with you 😉

    • admin

      Thanks Scott. Such a great reminder about being ‘tested’. Since writing this post, I’ve already had some amazing resistance lift. I suspect there’s a few more tests to come though.

      And me too! Love autumn leaves and winding roads. Something really special about this time of year. So glad you stopped by. ~ Loralee

  2. Tanya

    Ah, this is wonderful! Can I steal your questions and use them in Tribal Truth? Seriously, this is such critical important information.

    Especially the support team. I had a major breakthrough this past weekend in REACHING OUT for support. This is so hard and yet so necessary!

    I too can get so stressed out about my destination and what has put me in check is this “everything I do is to self-realize”. My job, my relationships … all of it is there as vehicles for my self-realization.

    • admin

      I’d love it if you shared these questions with Tribal Truth Tanya. Feel free. ~ Loralee

  3. Kathleen

    THANK YOU, so MUCH, Loralee for exposing yourself so fully here. I cannot tell you how much this serves me! For this IS the rub, is it not? I think of the tarot deck and how the very first card is the Fool stepping off that cliff! haha! the dog barking at his feet to try and wake him up, but no. And it IS important that we start out as the Fool on these major crossroads in our lives… destiny callings. If we really knew what we were going to have to go through, we wouldn’t do it. hahaha! But NOW that we/you are IN it… and facing these crazy challenges… it draws up the profundity of human nature in seeking ways to solve it… BE WITH IT… and through the process become WISE.

    So I LOVE that you are gifting me with the tools needed for being in the MIDST!! cause you better believe it, that is EXACTLY where I am. Gonnna copy and paste those ones into my journal. and print a copy to put on my wall.

    Thank you!!

    • admin

      aaah… The fool! Yes, some parts of me wishes I wasn’t so “willing” to play the part of the fool. But another part of me is so ready to fall flat on my face, and get back up again – as long as I’m moving. I wanted to say moving forward, but I think movement is really enough. Thanks so much for your insight and wisdom Kathleen. ~Loralee

  4. Jennifer

    Loralee – Love your openness and candor. Life on the road seems so romantic…and then the realities hit us square in the face. Honestly, as entrepreneurs this happens even when we are at home as a few others noted. Kudos for not giving up and instead turning this into a learning – and checklist! – for all of us.

  5. Laura Gates

    As I listen to your story, I wonder if the signs are telling you to take a little break as you are launching on this new venture before fully jumping in? Having said that I hear all the challenges of working from the road. It all sounds so glamorous and easy… until you can’t get that darned internet connection!

    • admin

      you’re so right Laura. My body was already calling for a much needed rest, while I was writing the article. I’ve spent the past two days in my PJ’s with a super light agenda. Lovely!

  6. Freea

    Thanks Loralee,
    I just went through a major systems update with all of my software and some security amping up too. All of your questions are so important. It’s so easy to chug along using what is already in place even when it is not serving you as well as it could/should be. I love that you are asking “are there things I can get rid of all together…and what is providing value?” It’s SO crucial to take time and create space to STEP BACK and observe and evaluate things to see how all the individual parts of a business are working, and how all they all work and run together as a whole system. Thanks so much. Hope your travels are peaceful and inspiring.

  7. Jessica Kupferman

    Loralee, how I sympathize. Lost my power, then a week or 2 later my house was struck by lightening! So I’m hearing you on having some systems in place. I’d love to know your thoughts on how to do that when you’re web designer….LOL I think I’m just up a creek if it happens again.

    • admin

      Wow, that’s an intense few weeks for you Jessica. I wish I had an answer for your question. I think we all struggle with this one, as service providers. During a big office move back in 2007 we had internet loss for 7 days out of 14, in the first month. It was a nightmare, since most of our work was done online (and I was paying a half dozen staff to spin their wheels). I ultimately gave them paid time off, worked from home, and rescheduled appointments as much as I could. I do often wonder if these “unscheduled interruptions” are really a reminder that we need a bit of a vacation? At the time, I would remind myself that there were really NO accounting emergencies. It’s not about life and death (although sometimes clients want us to believe otherwise). Any chance you have a great coffee shop nearby where you can work for 3 hours at a time? ~ Loralee

  8. Jenny Shih

    Oh, Loralee! You’re singing to the choir! I get stuck in that loop so often myself. I have to step back and remind myself that BEING an entrepreneur is what I want. So every time something happens that I try to GET THROUGH, I remind myself that this is the journey!

    Congrats to you for making such a big move and taking such a big leap. And thank you for sharing your lessons along the way!

  9. Tina Pruitt

    So great to have this list from someone who can see it “clearly”. Great checklist for all of us kickass online entrepreneurs! I am glad to hear you are going to sit back a bit and enjoy the journey and I am super glad you have shared your newly found insight! PLUS, it totally rocks feeling your renewed energy (from your revelations) come off the page!!

  10. Tracey

    Loralee: I love that you’re passionate enough about living a freedom-based lifestyle that you questioned some of your processes. Sometimes when we’re in the thick of it, we wonder how we make it work. You noticed what’s important–good systems, great VAs, a solid structure, etc.–and that’s a great takeaway from your experience. And in turn you teach those of us who have freedom-based lifestyles, too. Thanks for the insight!

  11. Yvette

    Love the picture! As someone who’s passion is helping entrepreneurs to stop trying to do it all so they can enjoy it all, these are great questions to begin enjoying the journey. Good one, Loralee.

  12. Maddy Vertenten

    Such a great list a questions. I want to thank you not only for sharing these, but for the gentle reminder to be kind to ourselves about wherever we might be in the process of sorting all of this out. Berating ourselves for not having it all perfect serves no one! Cheers on your journey.

  13. Kerrie Blazek

    Of course I can totally relate to nearly everything you said! I cant believe how much time I spend just trying to figure out how to update my blog from the road…lol! Some days I just give myself permission to ride the wave , remembering my timing is perfect & elegant. All the best along your journey…

    • admin

      Oh, I know what you mean Kerrie. I’ve recently found one of my favorite ways to update my blog is by writing it in Word as a blog post. Then when I’m at a coffee shop I can simply open up the document and hit “publish”. Sometimes there’s a bit of formatting to do, but it’s minor. Isn’t it a whole new set of challenges? Things we take for granted at home. Happy travels. ~ Loralee

  14. Heather Lentz

    I am right there with ya! Making things up as I go. Changing on the fly. I always jump in head first and figure things out as needed. I am in the process of setting up systems and really like your advice for a support team and VA. I am still trying to do everything myself. Soon I will have to get help. I am loving the journey, I know that I am on the right path. I am just really anxious to get there. I constantly have to remind myself that “It’s the journey, not the destination” and try not to be so impatient. Thanks for that reminder today. 😉